Revenge is sour #TheRunningWriter

Revenge is sour.


You’ve probably all heard the phrase, “Revenge is sweet.”

I couldn’t disagree more.

I would say revenge is more sour than anything.

Sure, for a split second, getting back at or hurting someone who I feel has hurt me feels good.

For a split second.

And then….the guilt sets in. Spending hours, days, weeks planning how I will get back at the person who wronged me comes down to a split second of relief.

But where did it get me? What did I get out of it?

Sure, they might have wronged me-or I perceived they wrong me-but what did all that planning and revenge get me?

I hurt them, so what next? Am I a better person now? Am I stronger? Wiser?

No. If anything, it brings my character into question.

Planning revenge takes your soul to a dark place. Yes. You might have been wronged. Seriously wronged. I get that.

But why would you want to spend so much time thinking about the person who wronged you? Planning out revenge is giving them lots of your attention. Your energy. It’s not healing time either. It’s not processing and dealing with the pain. And in the end that will lead to even more pain. One, because you didn’t address the pain and hurt they caused you so it’ll stay stuck in your soul. Two, you hurt another human. Now you might not have physically hurt them, but stabbing an emotional dagger through their heart is just as bad.

It’ll eventually come back to haunt you, which will lead to more emotional pain for you. Maybe not immediately, but in time the revenge you executed will come back to haunt you.

So think twice before you jump into revenge. It’ll sour your soul.

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