Rim to Rim Adventure with my #TrailSisters

WOW. Yeah, I’m an author and I can’t think of a better word to describe my adventure yesterday. Starting at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, then jogging/hiking to the South Rim. 25 miles.  10 hours total time. 7 hrs 45 minutes of jogging/hiking time. A challenge not made for the weary, that’s for sure. About 15 miles down, which is so hard on the legs, then about 9-ish miles back up, out of the Canyon. That’s where the challenge really starts as far as I’m concerned.

Even after thirty minutes of rest and refueling at the bottom (Phantom Ranch), it’s still very tough to dig in and ask your legs to climb out nine miles after having beaten them up going down for 15. LOL!!

It was so hard, yet so beautiful and rewarding. Blessed to have done it with these two amazing women.

Hope you enjoy my little video:

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