RIP, Floater Fred

This year has been one of repair…My foot a few weeks ago, and today…my eye.

I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous having something surgically fixed on my eye today. I have to repeatedly tell myself, with frequent reminders from those closest to me, my eye doc sees this stuff all the time, does these procedures all the time, it’ll be fine.

And if it’s not, we’ll deal.

Total logic and truth, right?

Why do nerves insist on throwing WHAT IF in after every thought? I mean, I use those words a lot when I write. They can be VERY helpful when creating worlds and characters.

What if that character died right now?

What if she were a vampire?

What if he didn’t know what a human was?

What if that bunny was a crazed vampire bunny?

What if….

See? I can get pretty crazy with the What Ifs when creating characters and worlds. But when these two, tiny words start stealing my happiness, making me doubt things and forcing me to live in fear, they need to hit the curb. Because if we let them, those two words will deflate our confidence, sabotage movement forward, and tear down trust.

Don’t give the negative side of What If any ground to stand on. Are you with me?

As I type these words, Floater Fred is frantically doing acrobats around my vision, forcing me to click the backspace button more often than normal. I think it knows its hours are limited. That soon, it won’t be able to reek havoc on my daily life.

Join me in facing a fear today. No matter the result, you are strong, capable, and resilient.

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