#RT15 was a blast

I had a GREAT time at RT this year. Got to meet so many new people!! The highlight, I think, though, is that I got to finally meet my super agent in person! To give her a hug in person…amazing. Totally worth it.

I got to meet up with Wendy Russo, Kary Rader, and Rachel Firasek, fellow CMP authors I’ve known for years, but just now got to give hugs! It’s all kinds of awesome.

Here are some pictures. And because I don’t know how to put them in order from day one to day five…they are in random order. LOL.

I had a blast. Big thanks to the Hyatt for taking great care of us with awesome room, good food, and great customer service. RT for putting on a fantastic program of classes and times to interact with readers.

Until next time…Happy reading, my friends!



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