Run, Lynn, run. . .

I love Facebook and Twitter. You guys are all so encouraging.

I set a goal of running a 10-mile race (Aflac Iron Girl) a while back and slowly worked my way up to running 10 miles.

The race was this past weekend, and it was awesome. Even more awesome was the support and encouragement my fellow Facebook, Twitter, and blogging friends offered. One of my friends posted, Run, Lynn, run!!!  Forrest Gump immediately came to mind. LOL. No way could I run across the country, though.

Anyway. . .

I thought I’d share a little bit about the day with you all since many of you were a part of the day, whether you knew it or not.

Me and my BFF, Michele, at the start of the race.



Me at the completion of the first lap....only 5 more miles to go. YIKES



Here I am racing toward the finish line. Crowds are cheering. It was great.



Me and Michele at the end with our finisher medals.



Me & Charlie at the finish. He found me after I finished, ran up and yanked me into the bestest HUG ever! I'm so blessed by him!!


Wow. It was such a great day. Sunny, warm, and surrounded by tons of encouraging and supportive people. The theme of the race was, “RACE WITH GRACE” and let me tell you, they did. That’s why I love this Aflac Iron Girl race. They have them in lots of states. You should check it out.

Thanks for sharing this great day with me, everyone. If I can do it, so can you!



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