S is for Seether and Skillet

Okay, I know you’re getting sick of me posting Skillet.

But seriously, that band rocks. They’ve been SOOOO influential in the whole Wasteland Trilogy, I just have to play them on the A to Z Music Challenge…

This is my favorite video. Check out that drummer.  How the heck does she sing like that while hammering on those drums?

Another “S” band that’s showing up on my Wasteland Trilogy playlists is SEETHER.  My dear friend Kendall Grey turned me onto this group.

Check this one out:

What bands are rocking your iPod??


Hey, don’t forget….

AWAITED is up on Amazon for Pre-Order. I’m so excited for Russell’s story to hit the shelves May 1st, so put in your order and be the first to get Awaited!!

SAVE THE DATE:  May 15th, 7-8:30pm at Changing Hands Bookstore, I’ll be there with Alan Dean Foster to launch Awaited!!  Hope you can come! CLICK HERE for details.


6 thoughts on “S is for Seether and Skillet

  1. I’m not familiar with Skillet, but I LOVE Seether. My iPod is loaded with their songs. I hope one of these years I get to see them live! Best of luck with your new release. And a book signing with Alan Dean Foster – that is awesome!

  2. Alot of great songs. I can’t wait for the rest of the alphabet. My T would be Type O Negative. That was one of my favorite bands. Keep in mind I was a head banger when growing up, Have a great weekend—Rachel

  3. YAY Seether! One of my fave bands. 🙂 I wish I could be there for your book signing with Alan Dean Foster. That is SO awesome! I got my copy of Awaited by mistake yesterday. I’m proud to be one of the lucky ones that slipped past Amazon’s release day detection devices. Woo hoo!

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