Saying goodbye to another trilogy….

VioletStorm 1000x1500Well, Violet Storm is here…a bit early, but here none the less. It’s a bitter sweet thing seeing the end to a trilogy. While I’m glad to see their final story release to the virtual shelves, I’m sad to say goodbye some fun characters.

I loved writing Emma and Jake. I’ve been through a lot with them on this trilogy just as they have been through a lot to finally make it to the end of their journey. 

HUGE thanks to Crescent Moon Press for taking a chance on this trilogy…and on me. I think they helped launch the New Adult craze by stepping out and jumping into a new category way back in 2011 with my first trilogy (Wasteland.)

Thank you to Jeannie Ruesch for producing AMAZING covers for all of my books. I’ll treasure them forever–and even have posters of each one (well, Violet Storm is on its way!)

And thank you, readers, for supporting my books! With each purchase you not only helped me live my dream of being a published author, but you helped benefit The American Cancer Society. I’ll continue to do that through the six books I have with Crescent Moon Press. 



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