Scary Movies…

It’s the weekend before Halloween!!! Are you one to celebrate the spooky night? Do the trick-or-treat candy thing?

How ’bout a scary movie marathon?

I’d have to say that if I was going to have a scary movie marathon, I’d watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Those just FREAK me out.

But, I work on the weekends, so I’ll be busy at the bookstore…that’s okay, though, because I’m getting MUCH too wimpy for the scary movies **LOL**

Whatever you do, don’t…fall…asleep!

4 thoughts on “Scary Movies…

  1. I hold theme nights all month when I watch my favorite horror movies, like 70’s night, Classic Monsters, 80’s Slashers, Classics, etc. Then I spend the rest of the time watching newer scary movies or TV shows and specials that cross my path.

    Elm Street movies usually show up a few times on there! I think tonight, actually, I’ll be doing the classic Halloween franchise… excepting the really dumb ones, like the one set in space. 😉


  2. The “Nightmare” series is one of my favorites. I’ve got the box set–they are films that I can rewatch. Maybe I’ll have to do some scary movie watching over the next few days.


  3. Normally I can watch scary movies and not be bothered but not when pregnant. They say you have more vivid dreams when pregnant. All I know is that zombie movies didn’t faze me before I was pregnant with my son and then we watched a couple and the entire pregnancy I had nightmares lol. So I’ve sworn off scary movies with this pregnancy, just in case.
    Oh, and since having our son I can’t watch scary movies where kids are haunted/possessed or anything like that. Told the hubby that if I watch something like that, our kids will be sleeping with us until they’re 18!
    Guess pregnancy and having kids has made me a wimp.

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