Shut it down #TheRunningWriter

Shut it down.


It’s funny how things that bug me when people do them to me, I am just as guilty of doing.

Like the phone for example. When I’m talking to someone or hanging out with them and they constantly look at their phone—It drives me nuts.

Well guess what I caught myself doing the other day?

Yep. Totally guilty. Talk about being a hypocrite, huh?

It’s crazy how I let this thing affect my life. It’s like that scene in Wonder Woman when Steve is telling her about the watch he has and how it tells him when to wake up, go to work, go to sleep. She comments on how something so small can have so much power over us.

It’s true, isn’t it. Even now as I write this, I’m doing it on my phone.

Now, the phone isn’t evil. I know that. But how I let it impact or control my life…that I might need to watch out for.

Minutes are precious, my friends. I’m reminded of this very fact as I prepare to head back to Iowa to bury my father-in-law’s ashes. One moment he was here, the next he wasn’t.

I don’t want to lose time with a loved one to my phone. I want to be in the moment with them. I want to give them my attention and focus.

I think we all need to look at shutting things down more so we can be in the moment we’re needing to be in.

Stay strong, my friends.

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