Sleepy Time…

I just had to share a fun picture of my sweet hubby and my dog, Maddux.

You might remember me blogging about a mega biking event, Ragbrai, a couple weeks back. Well, part of bike riding 400+ miles in five days is the recovery. Which means lots of naps (like above). 

While Charlie and I are recovered from the bike ride, I think our dogs were recovering from us being gone so long. LOL.  Must be hard on our four-legged friends while their masters are gone, huh? 

So sweet. I just love their unconditional love, you know? 

Dogs rule. 

Do you have a pet? What kind? Do they get extra cuddly upon your return from a vacation? 

6 thoughts on “Sleepy Time…

  1. Love that pic! Yep, our dog misses us like mad when we’re gone too. I hate to leave her at the kennel, but the people who run it adore her and take such good care of her while she’s there. Makes me feel a tiny bit less guilty. 🙂

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