Struggles make us hungry #TheRunningWriter

Struggles make us hungry.


For a long time I queried agents and got rejected. And by a long time I mean years.

Then I got an agent!! She helped me navigate my very first publishing contract, and then…. she ended up abandoning me right before my first book released.

She abandoned all of her clients unexpectedly. The timing for me happened to be really bad.

I had no idea what I was doing and I had my book releasing. Also, my mother-in-law was very ill (cancer).

The struggle was real.

I was scared. Confused. Angry. And this was supposed to be the best time of my life as an author, right? I mean, my first book was getting published!

It was a great time. I enjoyed the experience of my first book hitting the shelves. Amidst the obstacles, I still found great joy. I might argue I was able to enjoy it even more.

The darkness of my mother-in-law’s impending death and the fear of my agent abandoning me let me see the light that much more.

It made me want to work harder and harder to make everything a success despite the frightening obstacles. Almost to outweigh the sadness.

It pushed me.

My mother-in-law got to see a print copy of my first ever novel shortly before she died. Romantic Times gave the story four stars. I eventually got a great agent who has stuck with me for years now. And I learned a ton, which I now hope to share with other newbie authors I interact with and mentor.

Overall. It turned out to be an amazing experience. One that made me resilient.

You can do it, my friends. Stay strong through the struggle.

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