Survival Mode

Trail Running

One morning I was messin’ around in my kitchen making breakfast after a run or bike (I can’t remember) and I heard the words “Ultra Marathoner” paired with “surviving four days in triple digit heat.”

Being the athlete I am, my ears perked up, much like my dog’s do when it’s time to go running.

So, I sat and listened to the GMA STORY.

Gina Armenta had gotten separated from her running partner, then off the trail. No water. Nothing. She survived for four days! Triple digit heat.

When asked what got her through, she said her family. Just the thought of leaving them, she couldn’t put them through that.

In my kitchen, I sat and wondered what would be my first thoughts? Who would come to mind first? Would I have what it took to make it through?

Charlie, my sweet hubby, was the first to come to mind, then secondly my family. I’m not sure I would have the strength to make it as long as she did, but by the grace of God I sure would try!

My favorite part of the interview was when he asked her if she still had the passion to do ultra runs. She said with a smile “Of course I do.”

She didn’t let this one horrible experience run something she hold so dear.

God bless her! What an inspiring story.

Click HERE for the full story.


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