Swicked Saturday

My good friend, Dasha, LOVES to read.

So, I thought it would be kind of cool to give her a day per month to review a book she’s read or is reading.

She’s chosen her monthly review day to be called:

Swicked Saturday.



Synopsis from Barnes and Noble:

Annabelle Doll lives in a dollhouse with the rest of her family — they’ve lived there for over 100 years. Nothing very exciting happens, and just when Annabelle thinks she will die of boredom, the Funcrafts move in.

Dasha’s Review:

I love this book so much that I have read it over five times. It seems like a kids book but I don’t care, it’s so good.

It’s about a doll who goes to school and then back at home there is a doll who thinks that is all goody-goody.

She thinks she is a princess when really she is a big meanie.

The rest of the dolls hate her. Then, the doll realizes that she hates everyone hating her, so she becomes nice.

But read the next book to see what happens to the princess.

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