Throwback Thursday

So, do you remember The Shining?

With Jack Nicholson?

Oh boy, he was creepy, wasn’t he?

But not so sure about his co-star, Shelley Duvall, though. Remember Olive Oyl from Popeye? I saw her in that, so I couldn’t get past that image. . . LOL.

Okay, how ’bout REDRUM? The voice that little kid took freaked me out. And he talked with his finger, remember that?

I mean, us writers–yeah, we’re a little weird, I know–but come on, writing the same phrase over and over and over?  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


Did you see it? Man, it just doesn’t seem like they can make scary movies like that any more. Now it seems like they’re just more blood and guts instead. . . Or, maybe I’m just getting old and grouchy, huh?

Throwback Thursdays

Ever get your tongue stuck to a cold pole?

The mere thought of it makes me cringe.

So, when this part shows up in A Christmas Story–I have to look away.

I’ve never done that, but oh my gosh – – –

I love the bunny outfit he gets.

His face just tells the

whole story! It’s hysterical.


Now, I’m not even a HUGE fan of this 1980’s classic. . . but even I have to admit, it’s funny.




Can’t forget, the all famous line, “You’ll shoot your eye out.”


So, have you seen it? What’d you think?


80s Trivia



How well do you remember your 80s movies?


Give these a try:

1.  In Empire Strikes Back, what was chewing on the power cables of the Millenium Falcon while Han Solo and company were hiding inside the asteroid cave?

2. In ‘Back To The Future’, where did Doc Brown get the plutonium to power the time-travelling DeLorean?

3. What were Mouth and Chunk’s real names in “The Goonies”?

4. What is the name of Sarah’s brother that she is trying to save in “The Labyrinth”?

5. What was the make and model of the villian in “The Terminator” 1984?

***Give it a shot in the comments. I’ll be back later with the answers.***