Throwback Thursday…Candy

During the class reunion this past weekend, we talked about candy.

Funny how we all got to chuckling about it and then reminiscing of days past at the little league field, ball games, or whatever.

My fave was Charleston Chew. At the little league field, I’d get one–a frozenone–and gnaw on that thing forever!

And don’t forget the Pop Rocks.

Those things were awesome!

Just don’t drink a Coke with them, right?


Have a great Throwback Thursday, everyone

Throwback Thursday

Pop Rocks Candy!

Okay, so who of you believed the urban legend that your stomach would explode if you mixed Pop Rocks with carbonated soda?

Did you ever try it?


Regardless, this candy was awesome! Like little firecrackers exploding in my head.

Did you know General Foods stopped selling it in ’83. That surprised the heck out of  me.

Thank goodness for Dr. Marvin Rudolph who helped bring them back! LOVE those things. Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone.