Z is for….

ZZ Top of course!

I couldn’t find the video, but here’s the song:

Those guys ROCK!


Well, this ends my first A to Z Challenge. It was super fun. I loved meeting all of you. While I’m sad to say goodbye to A to Z, I’m super excited for TOMORROW!!!

Why? You might ask?

As if you didn’t know…..It’s RELEASE DAY tomorrow! Gosh, it seems like it took so long to actually get here, yet it came so fast!

So, stay tuned for tomorrow. . . and I hope you’ll celebrate with me by spreading the word! Let’s take the world by storm.

Have a super day, my friends!! And thanks for all your support.


Y is for YES!

Okay, this song rules:

But this video is so…ODD!


WOW…only ONE more day of the A to Z Challenge. Those who’ve been doing the challenge, how have you been doing? Blogging every day? You think you’ll keep blogging every day?

ON THE READING FRONT…what new titles are you guys reading? Anything super good I should look into downloading? Do tell!!


X is for XTC

Wow, X was difficult……

My sweet hubby helped me find this one. Really interesting song, isn’t it?


Wow. Only a few more days of the A to Z Challenge. It’s been really fun meeting new people, finding new blogs, and blogging with an assigned letter each day.

What ever am I going to blog about after this???


W is for WHAM!

You know I couldn’t post any other group for W, right? I mean, it’s WHAM!

George Michael!



Okay, only a few more days until Russell’s story hits the shelves. If you’re going to be in Arizona May 15th, I hope to see you at the Awaited Book Launch. I’m sharing my special day with a great author: Alan Dean Foster! CLICK HERE for details.