Old School Game Shows Week–Funnies

Will Ferrell is sooo funny:


How ’bout these game show funnies….All I can say is: OH. MY. GOSH!

Can’t forget The Running Man….remember that game show?


I think I’ll pass trying out for THAT game show.

Question for you:  Have any of you ever tried out to be on a game show? DO TELL. I’ve always wanted to hear how that worked. My fantasy show to try out for is Wheel of Fortune! Yours?

Total Recall

Oh my. They’re going to re-make Total Recall?


Please tell me I’m dreaming…no, having a nightmare.

They’re going to have to do pretty big things to fill Arnold’s shirt…..

But hey, they got Kate Beckinsale. So maybe I’ll see it just because I totally loved her in Underworld!!!

Throwback Thursday…Barbarian Style.

My post on Tuesday about X-Men: First Class got me in the movie mood. So, I just had to bring up Conan the Barbarian for Throwback Thursday.

Back in 1982 Conan the Barbarian hit the theatres.



August 2011 will bring us a new version….



These two might just make it to Debate This someday….

Have a fantastic Throwback Thursday!

First Class…..

Anyone who knows me knows I love action movies. Up near the top of my “like” list is I Am Number Four, SALT, All of the Terminator movies, X-Men and so on.

I even love the classic early Arnold movies like Commando and Predator. Conan…..

I was a little skeptical when I saw the teaser for X-Men: First Class…But then I saw the full trailer.

Yep, I might have to venture into the movie theatre for that one.

Check this trailer out:




I might have to convince my buddy, KM, to review this one on our monthly Cinema Sound Off post…

How ’bout you…..any summer movies tickling your interest?