Throwback Thursday

It’s no secret I love action movies.

The Terminator is one of my absolute favorites.

So, I’m throwing you back to 1984 this Throwback Thursday. . . .




What’d you think of this movie? Have you seen the 2nd one?

I think this was the only example of the second movie being as good as or even better than the first one. . . .


Throwback Thursdays:

CommandoSo, who remembers the action-packed movie, Commando?

It came out October of 1985. You know, with the young Alyssa Milano ?

Gosh I loved that movie.

Heck, if it’s on and I’m feeling lazy I’ll cuddle up and watch it again anytime.

Commando shootingDespite its cheesy acting and stunts…it’s still a classic 1980s memory for me.

Did you see the string holding Sully up over the cliff? LOL.

And we can’t forget the loving father, Arnold Schwarzenegger just trying to get sweet Jenny Matrix back from the psycho Arius.


Gotta love the 80s, huh? What’s one of your favorite movies from the 80s?



terminatorOkay, okay….you know I have to do some form of trivia on my blog at least once a week. So, what better to chose from than The Terminator?

“Why The Terminator?” You ask?

My sweet hubby and I watched it over the weekend. I love  that movie. And no, it’s not because Arnold walks around in his birthday suit in the beginning…It’s just a good, and somewhat funny, movie.


Yeah, funny. Some of the lines crack me up.

So, how well do you know this movie?

1.  What was the name of the bar Sarah Connor runs into to call the police?

2.  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous debut line, ‘I’ll be back’ was original scripted as what?

3.  What actor turned down the role as Terminator?

4.  In the beginning when The Terminator comes across the punks and asks for their clothes, one of the punks is a well-known actor now.  Can you name the actor?


Go ahead, leave your guesses in the comments, I’ll come back later today and post the answers.