The Cabin Coffee . . .

Most everyone has one place they like to hang out. Mine is the Cabin Coffee. I’ve written a couple of novels sitting in those soft couches, drinking those awesome Chai Lattes…Can’t forget the yummy blueberry muffins, either!

So, when they agreed to hosting our Violet Midnight book signing there…it was even that much more special! Then, when the very talented COLTON AVERY signed on to provide the music…I was ecstatic.

I’ll be doing a few readings from the story and Colton will be singing a few songs.

Then after, I’ll be signing copies of Violet Midnight and Colton will be signing his CDs!!

I hope you’ll join us if you’re in the area. And if you do stop by, be sure to come say hi, it’ll earn you more entries toward a KINDLE FIRE. Click HERE for details on that!

Back To College…

I graduated from Southwest Minnesota State University waaaaaay back when it was SSU (Southwest State University). But I got the distinct pleasure to go back there this past weekend. Both for homecoming **AND** a book reading/signing. I also go to chat it up with the creative writing students in Craft and Theory.

Yep, I got to sit in those desk chairs again.

***the memories***

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

It was GREAT fun to meet up with old friends and make tons of new ones. I love talking writing and these creative writing students sure did have some awesome questions.

Now I’m back to the warmth of the desert gearing up for the “official” release of Violet Midnight on October 15th and the big online launch party on October 16th.

Changing Hands Bookstore

Tuesday night’s book signing was SUPER fun!  Here are a bunch of pictures to show a little bit….

Now. . . it was my first time getting up for a formal “speech” and reading. I’ve done readings on radio shows, sure, but live? I think it went fine. I know I SURE had fun!  Of course, when I get to chat it up about writing, all things paranormal, and the new adult genre…I’m a happy camper.

Even more fun…hanging out with readers. Gosh, it’s so awesome meeting the people who read my books. It just makes me smile.

Alan Dean Foster is such a nice guy. He’s fun, laid back, and a total writing genius. Maybe some of his brilliance will rub off on me…I could only be so lucky.

Anyway, thanks for those who came. It was really nice to get to know you all. And for those who missed it, I’ll be around Arizona this summer AND Colorado! So, stay tuned….

Lynn Rush & Alan Dean Foster together….

Today were celebrating the release of my second book, AWAITED, down at Changing Hands Bookstore!

Sure, it released on May 1st, but TODAY, we’re going to have a little party. So, if you’re in Arizona, I sure hope you stop by. I’d LOVE to meet you.

I have the very special Alan Dean Foster celebrating with me. He’s a legend in the Sci-Fi world, having penned over 118 novels, including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Terminator Salvation, Aliens…I could go on, but you can just CLICK HERE to get to his site to check out his bibliography.

I had the privilege of appearing on The Morning Scramble with him back in March, and he’s just an amazing guy. Sweet, gracious, and very talented!!

I’m honored he’s joining me tonight.