4-words with THEO BRADFORD

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Hello, everyone. Emma Martin here. Are you ready for another four-word interview? I’m having such a great time with these characters…well, and the authors, too.

If you’re new to the blog, here’s how it works. I get to ask four questions, but they can only be four words long, and the kicker is…they answers have to be four words or less as well.

Why four? Well…why not? That’s just how I roll.

So…let’s get started!


Today we have our own REESE MONROE’s character THEO BRADFORD. Reese writes his story in the Bound by Hades Trilogy. It was actually pretty cool meeting another one of Lynn’s characters. 

And let me tell you, Theo is badass. He can kick demon-ass big time. Might need to recruit his help with the Vamp’s thinking they can settle here on campus…

Don’t let his size fool ya, he may be a huge tower of muscle, but he’s just a sweet little teddy bear, especially when talking about his girl, Sadie. 

Book #1

EM: Describe your first kiss…
TB: Rooftop and…intense.

EM: Favorite sweet treat…
TB: Sadie’s strawberry candy-laced kisses.

EM: Favorite time of day…
TB: Sunrise it’s usually demon-free

EM: Fondest childhood memory is …
TB: Kicking brother Justin’s ass.


Okay, so isn’t he a sweetie? He may have a scowl–and even growl a little sometimes–but don’t let that fool ya!

You can find the Bound by Hades books HERE!

Happy reading, my friends!


Signed Books…


Book #1

Book #1

Book #2

Book #2

Book #3

Book #3


Hey, everyone. It’s pretty exciting to see all three Bound by Hades books in print. Each has bonus material, too. So you’ll get to see a little more from your favorite characters than the e-book versions!

I’m getting questions on how to order signed copies so I wanted to let you know the options.

I have a small supply with me, so if you want, you can buy them directly from me. Just email ReeseMonroe (at) reesemonroe (dot) net and we’ll work out the details (shipping, etc).

If you buy the books on your own, you can get a signed author bookplate. Just contact me at ReeseMonroe (at) reesemonroe (dot) net and I can give you the address to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to.

The same goes for the Lynn Rush books. I have some of the Violet Night & Wasteland Trilogy in stock. And stay tuned for details on the Touch of Frost trilogy coming to print soon!

Exciting stuff!

Thank you so much for your support.

Happy reading, my friends.

Marked by Hades cover reveal

MbH Cover

My alter ego, Reese Monroe, has a cover reveal today!!

I’m super excited for Marked by Hades!!  Thanks to Entangled Embrace for a fantastic cover.  And a big Thank You to Jaime Rush for her wonderful support!  

“Monroe delivers it all–Passion, suspense, and the ultimate fight between good and evil!” -Jaime Rush, New York Times bestselling author of THE HIDDEN

Here’s the blurb:

One choice away from eternity…

For 911 years, Gatekeeper companion Justin Bradford has denied the possibility of being mated to only one woman. He enjoys them all too much to settle down. So when he feels his mate’s Ahavah mark surface, his first instinct is to ignore it. But when he sees the leather-clad beauty in need of his help that’s easier said than done…

Yvonne wakes up naked on a cold park bench in a small town with no memory of who—or what—she is. All she knows is the gentle man who woke her was turned to dust when she touched him. And now the strange mark that appeared on her shoulder throbs in the presence of the raven-haired man now offering to help her…

As Justin and Yvonne navigate the mystery of her past, their bond grows, but the secrets they discover and the sacrifices that must be made could be enough to rip them apart for eternity.

Pre-order on Amazon HERE

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