It’s more than just the books…

Last Friday I received a nice little surprise from the UPS guy….

Yep. It’s a box of books. MY books. As in, one I wrote.

Boy, it’s days like that Friday when it hits me over the head..”I’m a published author.”

I sometimes can NOT believe it. Still. Even after my third published novel.

Here’s one of me holding the book. Again, that’ll NEVER get old!!

And the first few things I thought….

1. Wish my hubby would get home, like super fast, so I could share this awesome moment with him.

2. Wish Lynn was here to see this.

Well, my hubby arrived home from work just a few minutes later and after much SQUEEING and jumping around (mostly on my part) I went on to thinking about Lynn.

So, I flipped to the dedication to see her name. Even though the LYNN Part on the front of the book is in her honor, I still wanted to see.

October 24th marks one year since cancer took her life. She is one of the main reasons I donate a portion of all my book sale proceeds to cancer research and treatment (American Cancer Society.) Lynn was an inspiration to me, having read the very first thing I ever wrote (and not laughing hysterically at me). She was a great writer. Never pursued publication or anything, but has journals and journals of stuff.  And, she wrote something for my wedding day which had everyone tearing up at the church!

She was amazing. So, Lynn, I know you’re sitting at the feet of Jesus right now, chatting it up with him, but I hope you know this book is for you.

Pre-Order and receive a gift…


***UPDATE 9/10/12:  I see Amazon and Barnes and Noble have jumped the gun & made the book live already. BUT the offer will remain open to all until October 19th so both print and electronic versions can get in on this.****

Violet Midnight is live for Pre-Orders on Amazon!

And we have a gift for all who pre-order. . .

Send the link showing your Violet Midnight pre-order to Publicist (at) lynnrush (dot) com and we’ll send you an autographed postcard.

A couple of things to mention:

1. Books make great gifts, so if you gift the book to anyone, that, too, earns an autographed post card.

2. A portion of all proceeds benefits cancer research & awareness.

3. This is open internationally.

4. Spread the word!

And don’t forget, come check out the book trailer and give it a like!


Happy Anniversary to #Wasteland

Book 1 in the Wasteland Trilogy

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since Wasteland released! 

But hey, that means we can celebrate, right? 

And my publisher has put the books on sale for a limited time over at All Romance Ebooks!


Wasteland (book 1 in the trilogy) is only $.99. Yep, you read right, LESS THAN A BUCK!

Awaited (book 2 in the trilogy) is $2.99

Book 2 in the Wasteland Trilogy

So, for the same price as a fancy cup of coffee, you can have the first two books in the trilogy!

And to help the celebration along…if you send us your buy link (proof of purchase) dated today through August 31st, we’ll throw in the prequel, Prelude to Darkness, for free (gifted through Amazon since it’s an Kindle-only short story.)


Wasteland Novella .5

Just send your proof of purchase (dated 8/23-8/31) to: Publicist (at) and we’ll send out your book.

Hurry, though, because it’s first come, first served while supplies last. 


Thanks for helping make this past year an amazing one.


***A portion of all proceeds benefits cancer research and treatment***