Cutting Room Floor

Wow. This week has been super fun. Thanks you guys for making it so special!

I’m not on anyone’s blog today….I know, shocker, right?


I am on someone’s radio show!

YEP…set your reminders:  TONIGHT, 10PM Eastern, The Cutting Room Floor’s very own Casey Ryan is hosting me on his show. CLICK HERE for the link. I’m giving away an e-book, too, so be sure to stop by….

To earn Kindle entries:

If you show up at the chat/chat room, you’ll earn TWENTY-FIVE entries into the month-long contest for a Kindle. (click here for full deets).

Now, if you participate by asking a question on that live stream chat…you’ll get TEN MORE entries!

So, here’s your chance to earn up to 35 entries toward that Kindle drawing…..

Have a fantastic FRIDAY, everyone. See you tonight!!