Volunteers and Mountains

For those of you who don’t know, I work full time in a bookstore at my church.

Yep. Our church has about 19,000 members, so, the bookstore is very busy. I love it. It’s just the perfect place for me to work even though I don’t write Christian Fiction.

This past weekend, we had a HUGE book sale going on for THE STORY. It’s a version of the Bible we’re going to go through as a church.

So, that meant over 100 volunteers to help out at the sale locations. It was quite an endeavor that had many hands involved to pull it off.

We had SOOOO much fun, despite the 115 degree weather. Here’s me with a volunteer:

Yep. That’s me in the hat! My sweet hubby convinced me to wear that cowboy had so I’d be easily identified as the “leader” of a certain section.

It sure panned out. It was fun to dig that thing out. Not to mention saved me from the blazing sun.

I’m looking forward to another weekend of craziness. But hey, that’s the world I live in, so I’m comfy.

In other news:

My stepmom (I call her Mum) is starting her fourth cycle of treatment this week. That means FIVE days in a hospital bed hooked up to chemo drugs. BUT, there’s good news.

The PET scan from yesterday shows the chemo is working its magic on that tumor in her spine. AND….she’s even getting some good mobility back in her legs. So much that she’s shed the wheelchair, walker AND arm crutches.

She’s using her hiking poles to steady herself.

That’s a mountain climber for you. She’ll be back climbing those fourteeners sooner than we all think. She’s so strong. Her attitude is so amazing it’s just inspiring.

So, thanks to all who’ve been thinking and praying for her.


What’s new in your world? Do tell.

Top Five . . .

It’s the last week of 2010, so I’m looking back over the year. It’s nice to take time to reflect a little, because I think we can grow from each and every experience, whether it was good or bad.

I’ve had a few bumps this past year like most of you, but I try to look at the good things that happened. It kind of keeps the negative ones in check, you know?


So . . . . Number FOUR is:

I got a dream job!

Some of you might have known that over the last 18 months or so, I’d had about a total of six months of unemployment.

Yeah, not so fun.

But this past November, I got a job that fits me perfectly:  Bookstore Assistant.

Other than writing full time, what better job could there be for a writer, right? *smile*

Even though I started the job during one of the busiest times in retail, I couldn’t be happier. It’s such a fulfilling job and one I never expected, just three short years ago, I would ever enjoy.

Funny how things work out, huh?


So, what’s your number FOUR?


Musical Monday

On Saturday, one of our music guys at my church, Danny Larsh, sang a song called, Count Me In.  Oh my word…Danny sang it so well I had to find out who was the artist.


I have several of their songs already, even seen them in concert before…but I didn’t know of this song.

So, as you can guess, I went right to iTunes and got it.

Hope you like it as well:


Count Me In, by Leeland



Have a GREAT Monday, everyone!!