Throwback Thursday…Charmed Style

Throwing you back to the late 90s on this one.

Remember Charmed??

Boy, this was a big one for me.

I loved watching this show. It was so creative, and the situations these three got thrown into…wow.

It changed through the years, especially after Shannon left the show, but it still totally rocked.

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone. Make it a GREAT DAY!

Throwback Thursday

Remember the TV show Who’s the Boss?

Did you watch it?

I did. That Tony-guy cracked me up. But Angela, his boss, drove me nuts.

But then there’s Alyssa Milano.Remember when she was in Commando? Arguably one of the worst movies out there, but yet, I can’t NOT watch it when it’s on. . . Sometimes I even stick in the DVD just to get a good laugh at the string holding Sully up when Arnold is holding him over the cliff. . .

Oh, how I digress. . .

Milano went on to bigger and better things, such as Charmed, and now has a line of team apparel for female baseball fans or something if I remember correctly.

But oh. . . Who’s the Boss. . . what a show.