Too funny . . .

I saw this on the web a few weeks ago. I had to post it here. Have you seen this? It’s hysterical.



I get asked all kinds of questions about writing when people find out I’m a writer.

“Oh, are you published yet?”

“I’ve always wanted to write. You know I’ve written . . . .”

“How do you get started as a writer?”

“You?” **eyes nearly burst from their sockets** “A writer?”

“What’s paranormal romance?”

“You’re not published yet?”

Most people don’t know much about the process. For some writers publication happens very quickly, but for most, it takes a long time. Lots of ups and downs. Laughter and tears. Doubt and confidence.

But isn’t it like that for anyone trying to make their dream a reality? I mostly think of Olympic or professional athletes. Look at the blood, sweat, and tears they shed.

So I say:

Keep at it! No matter what your dream!

Friday Funnies

Have you heard of Tim Hawkins?

I mentioned him on this blog a long time ago after seeing him LIVE at our church. OH…. but he’s worth another mention today on Friday Funnies

Last week we hung out with some friends and watched one of his DVDs. Again I was near tears, laughing.

By far, this is his funniest skit:



What’d you think?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Throwback Thursday

Okay, throwing you back to 1981 with a little Earth, Wind and Fire.

I didn’t think I’d find a video for this song, but wow, check it out.

It’s crazy fun!


Let’s Groove, by Earth, Wind and Fire



What songs are rocking your iPod these days?