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Happy Reading, my friends!


Get #RUSHED with Laura Diamond!

Rushed-Twitter-PartyIt’s that time again. Come join us on TWITTER tonight at 8pm EST for an hour of fun with author, Laura Diamond!

Just follow the hashtag: #RUSHED and you’re in.

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Sizzling Summer Reads…

The fun starts July 1st.  Check this out: Sizzling Summer Reads.

There are tons of authors involved so you know what that means…..


Did you see that list of authors? Check out that memory game. It’s a HOOT!

So, mark your calendar. Fun stuff happening EVERY day!


What fun things are you doing this summer? Any vacations?

Four-Word Interview: Luka Visraya

Hey, guys. EMMA here with another four-word interview.

Here are the rules:  Four questions–nice easy number, right? **grin**

Well, those four questions must be four words or less *AND* the answers must be four words or less.

It’s actually more difficult than you think! Trust me, I’ve had to answer these questions before (click here to see).

I know Lynn is a huge fan of Kate Evangelista’s novel, TASTE, so I thought it’d be fun to interview one of the yummy characters from that story. She’ll be so jealous she missed this, but she’s up in Denver having fun with the readers attending RomCon!

So, here we go:

Emma Martin: Favorite time of day….

Luka Visraya: *smiles, bemused* Midnight. Full moon.


EM: Fondest childhood memory is . . .

LV: Stealing the king’s robes.


EM: Favorite food to eat . . .

LV: Kikaron from the market.


EM: If granted one wish. . .

LV: Phoenix.


Thanks, Luka.  You’re a good sport, even if you are a Zombie….And, considering you don’t set off my little wrist detector here, that must mean you’re on the up and up.  **slugs his shoulder**


Okay, don’t forget the giveaway…you can earn daily entries toward $50 gift card. CLICK HERE for deets!