2012 Readers Choice Awards

GraveTells is a wonderful review site, and they have their 2012 READER’s CHOICE AWARDS going on right now.

And AWAITED IS UP FOR TWO awards!! Most Memorable Book and Favorite Heroine (Annabelle).

I’m ecstatic. And I’m nominated with some of my favorite authors, which is even more of an honor. Thank you so much for all your support! I hope you can come vote.

Awaited is up for Most Memorable Book!

Awaited is up for Most Memorable Book!


Annabelle from AWAITED is up for Favorite Heroine!!

Annabelle from AWAITED is up for Favorite Heroine!!

Voting is only open for a few days, so come vote and spread the word. THANKS!!

Awaited Nominated…

I was absolutely shocked and humbled to find out AWAITED was nominated for some Readers Choice awards. Check it out!

Annabelle, from AWAITED, was nominated for Favorite Heroine:


And AWAITED was nominated Most Memorable Book!

Voting begins December 21st. So I hope you come out and vote for your favorite authors. Gravetells has an AWESOME site. It’s so much fun and they do such a great job. Let’s support them and all the authors involved, okay?

You guys ROCK! Thanks for your support!

What Indie-pubbed books are you reading?

Day TWO of the Indie-Pendence Week!

And I’m curious, what “indie” books are you reading? Or have read?

Another question, how do you think they compare to the “traditionally” published books?

I’ve never really been one for labels, period. If the book is good, it’s good, I couldn’t care less who published it!

For me, it’s all about the story. Mostly the characters. If I’m touched by the characters, I’ll read past most any typo I might find in a trad or indie book.

But I want to hear from YOU!

**And don’t forget to visit the other sites on the Indie-Pendence Week celebration. Lots of prizes up for grabs**  CLICK HERE to see the list

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Indie-Pendence Week

Welcome to Indie-Pendence Week!!!

Super excited to be a part of this with GraveTells.com!

I’m with a small publishing house, Crescent Moon Press. They’re handling my Wasteland Trilogy and my Violet Night Trilogy.

There are plenty of reasons smaller presses are a great way to go, but one for me..Flexibilty!

You might be hearing the word New Adult more and more around the web because it’s starting to take the writing world by storm. And with a small press, they have a little more flexibility when it comes to trying something new. My publisher, Crescent Moon Press, is among the first to publish New Adult as its own separate line.

If you look closely at the top edge of the CMP covers (Wasteland and Awaited), you’ll see that it says Crescent Moon Press New Adult.

I mean, how cool is that?

I’ve always written for the twenty-something crowd, but I’d always been told my characters wouldn’t fit anywhere since they were too old for YA but too young and my steam level too sweet for Adult. But smaller presses have more flexibility in what they publish, and I’m proud to be CMP’s flagship author in the New Adult category.

So, I’m very happy to be celebrating Indie-Pendence Week! And what’s a celebration without a few prizes?
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