Nightmare on Elm Street

Here we are on day two of the five days of scary movies. Got a good one for you. . . . But first, here’s a glimpse of Number 5 —  Amityville Horror


Today Nightmare on Elm Street slides into the #4 position on the top five scary movies.




Okay, I watched this movie all the way through, many times. Specifically at slumber parties when I was young. Oh my word. This movie is so scary. But then again, it’s WES-FREAKING-CRAVEN, right?

What’d you think???

Throwback Thursday

Hey, it’s Adrean again. Looks like you’re stuck with me for one more day. Lynn is all jet-lagged and tired. She’ll recoup and show up tomorrow.

Oh, have you entered the Make Me Laugh Contest?  – – – you should, it sounds like it’d be a riot.

If she gets a lot of entries, I might try and read a few!


So, since I get to do a throwback, I picked a movie.

Hey,  I stay indoors a lot (remember my post on quirks?), movies and music keep me entertained. Oh, and reading, but for today’s throwback, it’s a movie.

Edward Scissorhands.

That movie was great. Released in the 90s, so I was super young, but still, I saw it eventually and it rocked.

Maybe I can relate a little since I’m a freak, kinda like him. So I don’t have scissors for fingers, but still, I can manipulate metal with my mind.

Yeah, that’s a little high on the freak-factor scale.


Here’s the trailer if you wanna see it:



Have you seen the movie?

What’d you think?


Marina’s Movie Madness

Marina came to America from Pskov, Russia when she was 13 1/2 years old.

She’s in her second year of school at Paradise Valley Community College with hopes of becoming a Pediatrician Practitioner.

Besides her obsession with movies, she enjoys spending her time with her best friends and family.


Marina’s Movie Madness


Alice in the Wonderland:

I did not see Alice in Wonderland in 3D like some people did, so maybe that makes a difference, but I did not like it at all.

Me and my friend Natalie went to the midnight showing because I thought it will be so good, but the commercials were the best parts of the movie.

It put me to sleep.

I know the first one was a cartoon, and maybe they should have stuck with that one, because sometimes you just ruin the overall opinion of the movie by creating the 2nd one.

I definitely liked the cartoon better.

We all know that Johnny Depp can play any role, and he is great at it, but I don’t think he was at his best in this movie.

When I was watching, he reminded me of  Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean (it’s like he was in the same character).

I wasn’t sure what message I was supposed to take away from the movie, and it was too long.

I don’t even know if I can think of one positive thing–okay–there were some funny parts but not a lot of them.

Maybe I did not like it that much because I went to see that movie with such high expectations.

Avatar–What’d you think?

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned I’d do a little review of the movie Avatar.

Me and my sweet hubby went to see it Christmas Day at the IMAX in Glendale, near the football stadium. Great area, lots of excitement.

We got there early, thankfully, because it was packed.

We donned our 3D glasses, which reminded me of the glasses in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Oh, but it was worth it. I went to 3D movies as a kid, but don’t really remember much about them. But let me tell you, 3D in the IMAX was awesome. I fought the urge to swat things I thought were about to smack me in my face. It was GREAT!

Even better–THE MOVIE–I didn’t realize it was a bit of a romance, actually. And I love a great romance!! I was really worried that it would be too animated for my liking. But I was proven wrong. Yes, lots of animation, but it is so advanced, I often forgot it was animation.

Wow! If I had some sort of ranking system here on the Light of Truth blog, I’d rank it the highest possible. Go see it. If you have, did you like it?