Total Recall

Oh my. They’re going to re-make Total Recall?


Please tell me I’m dreaming…no, having a nightmare.

They’re going to have to do pretty big things to fill Arnold’s shirt…..

But hey, they got Kate Beckinsale. So maybe I’ll see it just because I totally loved her in Underworld!!!

Debate This…Vampires

It’s no secret I like Vampires. My Violet Night Trilogy is about them. Well, more Emma, who hunts them because Fate didn’t really give her a choice….

So, when I heard Underworld FOUR was coming out, I had to bring the topic to Debate This.

I think that series of movies is arguably one of the best ones out there. I know it’s subjective, just like the book industry, so I had to throw it out there.

But first, check out the latest trailer:



I must say, I was disappointed a certain Michael didn’t show up in this trailer….I’d so hoped he’d be in this one.  I love Michael!

The story behind these vampires and lycans is really unique and intriguing. I love it!

But what do you think? What vampire movies are your favorites?


triviaMovie lines…..can you name these movies? Can you stump us with some of your movie lines??

Give it a try.

1. Look… I am not stupid, you know. They cannot make things like that yet.

2. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

3. Why not come out where I can see you, Charles?

4. You may have killed me cousin, but my will is done regardless.

5. It hides beneath the rose.


Do you have a line you wanna try on us? Go for it…