Musical Monday

I was introduced to this group on KM  Wilsher’s blog. She’s got rockin’ taste in music. A little bit on the hard rock side for me, but this group, she’s got me hooked!

She played Crow and Butterfly on her blog last week. I’m so glad she did. I went out and downloaded four of their songs. This one, I Dare You, has got me (along with Crow and Butterfly)


I Dare You, by Shinedown



They have such a great sound. I had them playing when I did a thirty mile bike ride the other day, and it powered me up a hill!

Thanks, KM! Hope you all enjoy the song!

Do you guys have any songs to suggest for me? My playlists are getting boring!

Iron Man 2—here we come

Hey there movie fans.

My good friend, KM Wilsher, and I are heading out to see Iron Man 2 this weekend!!

Stay tuned for our report on our  Cinema Sound Off review  next week.


Have a GREAT weekend, everyone!

Cinema Sound Off


Welcome to Cinema Sound Off!

My good friend, KM Wilsher and I are heading out to the movies each month and letting you know if you should spend your money on the movie or not.

Our first movie was Green Zone with Matt Damon


Okay, I was totally misled. From the movie previews I saw on TV, I thought this movie would be more like the Jason Bourne-type action movie.

I was totally wrong.

Sure, had I read the synopsis on IMBD like a good movie-goer should, I would have figured it out.

Yeah, note to self, READ THE SYNOPSIS on IMBD . . .

I’m so not a war movie fan, and this was so a war movie. I have to give credit where it’s due, though–great acting and great action scenes.


And yeah, I meant to put that in CAPS. . . I almost got sick, like, twice. It’s got the whole The Blair Witch Project bouncy camera issue going on.

Seriously. I had to look away for a majority of the movie for fear barfing my brains out.

So, if you like war movies and like jiggly camera views . . . then by all means go watch it.

I have to give the movie TWO tickets, just because the acting was fairly good and the action scenes pretty realistic.

Be sure to head over to KM Wilsher‘s blog for her review.

Have you guys seen the movie? What’d you think?

KM Wilsher

Hey, KM, thanks for stoppin’ by the Light of Truth blog.

Thank you, Lynn! How fun to be here with you. I am humbled and honored.

You’re an up and coming writer who loves to read and write fantasy—How’d you get into that genre? Any defining moment(s)?

The defining moments behind my love for fantasy fiction include: A small magical production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 1980. The day I finished reading Jason and the Argonauts for English class–This is homework? The first paragraph of Harry Potter, but it all began with the bible. Yes, sitting in Sunday school hearing the Greatest Story ever told and reading verses like this: Revelation 6:2  I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. Well, I know it was way back then a desire was born inside me to dream in colors of story, on the landscape of Fantasy.

Your first publication was released April 1st with The Cross and the Cosmos (TC2), tell us how that came to be.

The moment TC2 announced its first publication, I knew it would be a dream come true to be a part of it one day. So I submitted. And for some strange reason Glyn Shull said he liked this story.

Seriously, TC2 is on the cutting edge of Christian Speculative Fiction. It is on a plane where the Glory of Christ Jesus and the twisted genius of speculative fiction meet. It is a free magazine where brilliant writers share their hearts and deepest stories. I am extremely grateful to be featured in their third edition.

How did you come up with your short story Suicidal Instinct (LOVE LOVE LOVE the title, by the way)?

Thanks, Lynn. The title was certainly a favorite of mine. Cliché as it sounds, Suicide came out of a dream. No concrete words or fully formed figures, just deep emotions spilling forth from two people. The story is a conversation with myself, a story mirroring the battle inside us all. The battle to punish ourselves for our wrongs, but Jesus has already taken our punishment. We can be free.

If you could give one piece of advice to a writer, what would it be?

Write everyday and delve head first into a writing community. These two pieces of advice were given to me. Once I followed them, my whole life changed.

Lynn, you have inspired me more than you know. Thank you for interviewing little ole me!


AHHH, you’re too kind, KM. I was happy to interview you.

Okay, everyone, be sure to head over and read her short story, Suicidal Instinct, at The Cross and The Cosmos.

You can also find her at:

KM Wilsher blog

KM Wilsher on Facebook