Happy Weekend

Here’s a fantastic picture from Lake Pleasant. I took this one last weekend. I can just never get enough of watching the sun rise. We got there especially early this past weekend, so I got to see the very beginnings of it.

***Hey, if you missed it, CLICK HERE to go see my interview on Robin’s Nest. Robin Prater interviewed me and it’s posted!***


Have a great weekend, everyone!

Making Movies

My nephew recently spent a few days with us. He flew from Denver, CO all by himself–at the age of nine soon-to-be-ten! Nothin’ scares that kid!

Anyway. . . I’m big into pictures, right? Take my camera everywhere. So, I thought, “Hey, let’s try and make one of those little iMovie things with them.”

I mean, I have a Mac…it comes with all these iDVD and iMovie things, might as well try.

Oh man…I’m HOOKED!!

I’m totally not very good at it yet, but I’m having fun.

Here’s a look at my first ever:



We had so much fun. I was sore for, like, three days from that tubing and boating stuff. But it was soooo worth it! Such great memories were made with our nine-year-old nephew.


Have you guys ever done little things like this movie-thing? Any hints? I hear a lot of authors make their book trailers with movie making software on their computers. Not sure I’m ready to try anything like that, but this sure was fun!

THE LAKE–Blog Host Caleb Aspros

Hello there. It’s Caleb again. Hopefully my choice of music yesterday did not scare you away. I told Lynn that having me host her blog might be a mistake. ☺

On Sunday, Lynn took me along with her and her husband when they went out to Lake Pleasant for Charlie to swim in the lake. I was surprised, nonetheless, to see a large lake in the middle of the desert.

While Charlie swam, Lynn had some time to work on Guardian. I’m constantly surprised by all the changes she makes to my story. Most are good and help move it along, but some — I just don’t understand how she came up with the creative twists she puts on it to make my life sound so interesting.

“It’s a God thing,” Lynn replied when I asked her. “Only God could have given these ideas a normal, ordinary chick like me. There’s just no other explanation.”

I found what she said, along with the beauty of God’s creations at the lake, encouraging. It’s like she’s just given it up to God and is waiting to see what He’s got in store for her and our book, if anything.

Enjoy some of the pictures I took using Lynn’s new camera. Lake Pleasant reminded me of my sweet Olivia’s lake house up in Northern Minnesota–well, minus the cactus.


So, tell me, what inspires you?


Lake PleasantLake P CactusLake P more Cactus