Throwback Thursday…Brady style

Throwing you back to the late 60s on this one. 1969 to be exact.

Remember the Brady Bunch?

…and Alice? (LOL)



I remember the episode where Marsha’s nose got broken. That one cracked me up. Or when Jan gets glasses?  I can sooo relate to that one (I totally have coke-bottle-thick glasses…got them in the 3rd grade)

Did you watch the show? Have a favorite episode? Do tell . . .


Too funny . . .

I saw this on the web a few weeks ago. I had to post it here. Have you seen this? It’s hysterical.



I get asked all kinds of questions about writing when people find out I’m a writer.

“Oh, are you published yet?”

“I’ve always wanted to write. You know I’ve written . . . .”

“How do you get started as a writer?”

“You?” **eyes nearly burst from their sockets** “A writer?”

“What’s paranormal romance?”

“You’re not published yet?”

Most people don’t know much about the process. For some writers publication happens very quickly, but for most, it takes a long time. Lots of ups and downs. Laughter and tears. Doubt and confidence.

But isn’t it like that for anyone trying to make their dream a reality? I mostly think of Olympic or professional athletes. Look at the blood, sweat, and tears they shed.

So I say:

Keep at it! No matter what your dream!

Top Five Funnies. . .

I couldn’t resist another top five list. . . We were up in Sedona over New Year’s weekend and saw some old SNL episodes. Man a lot of sweet comedians came out of that show, didn’t they?

So….we thought it’d be fun count down the top five this week. Our top five, anyway.

Our  number five.

Adam Sandler.

He did pretty well on Saturday Night Live, didn’t he? He’s got Cajan Man, Opera Man. . . but here’s a little funny clip from SNL (they wouldn’t let me post it…you can click the view on you tube if you want to see it):


He went on to do some really funny movies. One that often makes me laugh is Billy Madison. .  .have you seen it? I usually don’t like this kind of humor, but Adam…there’s just something funny about him. . .



Who was one of your  favorites on SNL?

Musical Monday

Here’s a fun one. . .


Lovergirl, by Teena Marie



Okay, that girl has a set of pipes, doesn’t she? I love this song. Classic 80’s video, huh?  Love that 80’s hair, too. How ’bout the hat the guy introducing the video wore . . .

So, what songs are rockin’ your world lately?


My character, Emma Martin, is making an appearance on the blog tomorrow to talk about the title for her third book you all helped me with a while back . So be sure to tune in, she’ll be responding to your comments personally!