Hi, there. Adrean here again. Wow, seems like Lynn really liked Eclipse, huh? She made a quick appearance on the blog all the way from Paris yesterday, even.

Well, today she’s traveling back to the states. Another long day at airports, on airplanes, and sitting in those tiny, little seats.

That would freak me out.

I have this little issue, or as my buddy Logan calls it, QUIRKS.


Anyway, I don’t do enclosed spaces very well, hence the not much traveling. Hey, I live on the first floor for a reason. No elevators.

And don’t even try to mess with my routines, either.


I go to the same diner at the same time and eat the same meal every day.

But you know one thing that shook me out of my quirks – okay, some people call them compulsions – a beautiful woman.

Enter, Lexi.

Sure, it kinda ticked me off the first time I saw her because she was sitting in the booth I prefer . . . but that anger quickly dissipated when she flashed her eye-sparkling smile at me.

I got to know her a little, and you know what? She didn’t mind my little quirks so much. She’s even got a couple, but I won’t go into them. . . she said she was going to read this post . . .

So, to my question to you all is, What little habits do you have?

And since Lynn is thousands of miles up in the air and can’t read this, I’ll tell you one of hers. . . .

She HAS to have the volume on an odd number.

For real. It’s so weird.

In the car, if Charlie (her husband) turns the volume up and it lands on an even number, she pushes it up or down one notch so it’s on an odd number.

Weird, huh?

But then again, I hear writers are weird.

What’s my excuse then?

Musical Monday

Hi. Adrean here. Lynn writes about me and Lexi in The Mark of the Heir.

I’m glad to be here, but I think I’d rather be hopping around the globe like Lynn. She checked in with us all over the weekend and said she’s having a blast over in England. Paris is the next stop and she’s so excited.


I’m not much into country music, either, but ever since my stint in juvie, I’ve kinda been into it. The guards pretty much controlled everything, including what music could be played at what time.

I guess one of the guards had a thing for country….You’d think I’d hate it since I heard it mostly while in jail.

The first year out I hated it, but then I came around a bit. And this Lady Antebellum group is actually pretty good.

So, here you go. Enjoy Stars Tonight . . . and don’t forget to get your contest entry in. Click here for details.



Stars Tonight, by Lady Antebellum


See ya WEDNESDAY. I hear Lynn is making a visit on the blog tomorrow to go over the movie ECLIPSE in Cinema Sound Off. So stay tuned.

Mark of the Heir

Well, the readers of Light of Truth have SPOKEN!

Thanks to all who participated in the poll to help me find a title for one of my projects.

The choices were: Sealed, Mark of the Heir, Tarnished, Lineage, Heritage, Legacy.

Mark of the Heir and Legacy were neck and neck pretty much the entire time!


I’m totally digging that title. I mean, the likelihood of a publisher ever keeping a title I’ve chosen is pretty slim, but still, it’s fun to have a working title until that time.

So, here is the Back Cover Blurb for Mark of the Heir:

Twenty-two-year-old Adrean Reed, a reclusive, telekinetic orphan, settles into a quiet, normal routine in the small town of Pula, AZ, after serving time in jail for a misspent youth. With hopes of finding his birth parents, he studies the only clue he has of them, a ring with a strange symbol etched inside.

Lexi Tate comes to the small town with one objective—to find and kill her mother’s murderer. Her uncle, who has raised her since she was orphaned, has trained her to use her telekinesis to kill those who bear the mark of the evil group responsible for her mother’s death.

Lexi and Adrean meet, and neither expected the blazing chemistry that ignited between them. Their love is tested when they find out about one another’s powers and Adrean learns Lexi’s true motives for her presence in the town.

But when they discover the meaning of the symbol etched inside Adrean’s family heirloom, it thrusts them into the heart of a battle that began centuries before their births. Adrean and Lexi must choose their allegiances carefully, or face certain death.