Once upon a time…

I write romance novels. As in fiction. Paranormal-Urban Fantasy-type fiction.

But for the past fifteen years, I’ve been witness to a real-life fairy tale-type love story.

My Mom & Dad-in law.

My sweet MIL was admitted to the hospital this past week. Seems the cancer has started its final attack. At the moment she’s resting comfortably, surrounded by her two sons and her husband.

My hubby sent me a picture that rocked my world.

It helped me understand the whole idea of true love. The true meaning of through health and sickness, ups and downs, until death do us part.

Here’s that picture:


Lynn looks quite different from from the day they took their wedding vows over 44 years ago. Heck from the time they first met in the FIFTH grade!

Yes, they began their fairy-tale romance that young!

When I was last in Sioux Center, staying with them for a couple of weeks to help them out, they shared their story with me. How Lynn arrived to town when she was only five. How her & RG met in school when he started his first year at a town school.

He’d been educated in a “country school” up until then.

Finally, in the seventh grade they went to a little party together as a date, and they were smitten. Together ever since.

Sure, they had their share of ups and downs, sicknesses and you name it. But this picture of them together in the hospital showed me something–> Love is, indeed, the strongest things out there.

I believe it so much I’ve tattooed it on my arm (Faith, Love & Hope, but the greatest of these is Love. 1 Cor 13:13)

But to see it. With my own eyes…

There are no words.

The love between these soul mates is palpable. You can almost see it in tangible waves in this picture.

Though they face such hard times right now, two things stand firm with this couple:

Their faith in God and their love for one another.

Even though Lynn can scarcely mutter a word, she and her soul mate don’t need words. No, they don’t have telepathic abilities like the characters I write about. No, they don’t have super powers to heal wounds and injuries like those I write about. But they do have the boundary-breaking, never-ending, soul-connecting love I write about.

It’s a real life love story.

So, today, my sweet parents, I dedicate this post to you. Dedicate this day to you. May you feel God’s peace around you. And thank you for the stunning example of what a soul mate truly is.


Happy Anniversary

We didn't see each other before the service, so pictures were taken after. . .

***Here is a repost of one of my favorites from the last Week of Love***

When it came to choosing a person to do the scripture readings at our wedding, I didn’t hesitate–Lynn & RG Boeyink. That’s Charlie’s Mom and Dad.

First, they’re awesome role models (married 43 years now!) Second, their faith continually astounds me. Third–well, there is no third, I just KNEW they were the people to do it.

But when Lynn and RG made their way to the podium, I got a little nervous because I saw Lynn carrying a piece of paper.

It was then that I knew she’d written something down.

It was then that I knew, I would need Kleenx–lots of them.

She just has a way with words . . . So, here is what she read.

Not an eye was dry in the church.

Enjoy, and be sure to stop by tomorrow, because my sweet hubby is breaking down his TOP TEN most favorite love songs. And he knows how to pick them, let me tell you.


When was it Love?

By Lynn Boeyink

I wore my mom's wedding dress. My diamond is Charlie's mom's engagement diamond.

Little did you two know that on the campus in Marshall, Minnesota, you would meet, eventually fall in love with, and today marry each other. As the months and years passed at Southwest State and the friendships came and went, you established yourselves there, chose your fields of study, worked and played, and the awareness of one another became more real.

But when what is love?

Was it a glimmer of in your smiles that set the world in fire or was it in the eyes that sparkle and light up a room?

Perhaps there was something unique in that friendly manner and charm that seemed to be so natural. Or was it that confident style that told everyone you met that you could conquer any task or problem that came your way?

Was it a sense of love on those first few dates when you were convinced that this is one very special person? Or, was it when the realization that your life goals and commitment to hard work were similar or when you realized that your enjoyment of the outdoors and sports were compatible?

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad on my wedding day

Perhaps it was love when you learned of one another’s faith in Jesus Christ and that you both had a desire to be a part of the world around you but not to live by worldly standards. Maybe it grew to be real love as your time together became more and more cherished and your time apart more uncomfortable.

It must have been true love when you looked into one another’s eyes and finally knew deep in your hearts that you wanted to be together forever.

But you do know, don’t you, that it really was love long before you ever met, before your first date, even before you left home to venture out on your own to make your way in the world. Before you did any of these things—it was love!

It was love because God says in his word, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.” and He says, ‘I know the plans I have for you…plants to give you home and a future.”

So you see, it was love for you when you committed to each other, but God loved you long before that, His love is eternal, and his plans for you stand firm forever.

It was love for you before you were ever born, because God said so. He planned it that way. May you grow in this love for each other with time knowing always that your union is part of God’s divine plan for your lives.

You may kiss the bride. Bonded for life now and happy to be.


So, what’s your love story?

Movie Quotes–The Week of Love

I know I usually do movie quotes on Wednesday, but I have a special post planned for that day…so here we go with a special sappy, love story, gushy version of Movie Quotes.


1. Brains stick with brains. The bomb could go off and their mutant genes would form the same cliques.

2. You look good wearing my future.

3. Oh no, come on, you don’t know that. Hey he asked you right? Maybe you guys could, like, um you know get a house together and, like, buy some diamonds and a horse. I don’t know.

4. Wave good-bye to your buddies, Mayonnaise! Oh, I forgot. You don’t have any buddies, do you? Only customers!


Leave your guesses in the comments. If you have any sappy love quotes you want to share—please do! Let’s see if we can guess them!