Throwback Thursday…Billie Jean Style

Can you believe Michael Jackson died two years ago this Saturday?

Man. It’s unreal. I remember him so vividly from my childhood. Such a great talent.

So I thought I’d put up one of my fave videos of his from the 80s.  🙂


Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

Debate This…Michael Jackson vs Prince

Debate This is all about voicing your opinion on really important things, such as Pepsi Vs. Coke, Nike Vs. Converse, and Twinkies Vs. Ho-Hos. **smile** Okay, so maybe they’re not super important, but they’re at least fun things to jaw about. . . .

Be sure to cast your vote on the poll below. I’ll share the results later. . . .


Boy, this is a tough one. I can’t believe it’s been two years since Michael’s passing. He was such a talented man.

Now, I mostly remember Prince from Purple Rain. Probably because I was a junior higher and won tickets for the movie, but my folks wouldn’t let me go!

Yeah, now, umpteen years later, I can see their logic. But back then. . . **LOL**

Anyway, what’s your take on Michael vs Prince?

Debate This. . . .


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Trivia Time



Here is a little Michael Trivia…do you know these answers?


1. How much did Michael’s music video “Scream” cost?

2. What was Michael’s favorite Beatle song?

3. How many albums has Michael sold worldwide?

4. When was Michael inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Jackson 5?


***Any Michael Trivia you wanna share?***