Throwback Thursday–John Hughes Week

Pretty In Pink

A blast from 1986 . . .

Check this out:




Seriously, how many movies have been made about the “wrong side of the tracks” right? But, I tell ya, this one is pretty darn good. It’s as applicable in the 1980s as it is now! Ahh, the memories.

Throwback Thursday

16 candles~~~

“What’s happenin’ hot stuff?”

Oh gosh, remember that movie? Sixteen Candles. Long Duk Dong? The foreign exchange student Samatha’s grandparents brought along?

Talk about a throwback.

How about when Long Duk Dong is eating Quiche with the handles of silverware holding them like chopsticks and asks how to spell it.

Or when he says with his clever accent: “Yes, Married! Sheesh.”

That movie is so funny on so many different levels, I can’t even begin to describ them. Do they even make comedies that good anymore?

***Did you see it? What’s your favorite part?***