movies-1Ever watch a movie and see a mistake?

Like a wire or something?

Did you notice these few when watching these movies?

Grease: In the diner, Vai turns off the lights with her elbow, despite missing the switch by six inches.  Yeah, I totally remember this one while watching the movie. It cracked me up.

Dirty Dancing: Johnny gets his pants dirty by sliding across the floor, yet they are clean in the next shot.  I finally noticed this one after the tenth time I’d seen the movie I think.

The Terminator: The police clerk looks up from his desk to see headlights coming at him. When we see the front of the car, the headlights are off. This one I didn’t notice so much, but what I did notice was the dummy they put in for the car to hit when it crashed into the desk. It’s sooo obvious.  LOL.

***How ‘bout you guys? Have any to share?***


Hey, ever find mistakes in movies you watch? I love trying to do that. I know, I’m weird, but it’s fun. Kinda reminds me that no matter how hard we try to prevent it, mistakes still happen.

Movie goofs:


The yellow Porsche is damaged in the side collision with the red convertible, but when Matrix flips it upright and drives off in it, the side is undamaged.

You can see the cable holding up Sully by his shoe as Matrix holds him over a cliff.

sixteen-candlesSixteen Candles

When the family is going to the wedding, the grandparents all pile into the car.

However, when the car is backing out of the driveway, you can see one of the grandmothers is outside of the car squatting so that she isn’t seen.

pretty-onePretty Woman

The pancake Vivian is eating was, for most of the scene, a croissant.

In the first scene with the pancake, she takes a second bite. In the next scene with the pancake in her hand, there is only one bite missing


Have you ever found any? Do tell…