Into The Woods…

Into the woodsSo, who’s seen INTO THE WOODS?

When it first came out, I wasn’t exactly excited to see it. And had I known it was a musical…for SURE I wouldn’t have seen it.

But a few friends mentioned they wanted to see it, so I figured I’d risk it to hang out with some friends.

The company was WAY better than the movie, put it that way.

Overall, I think I didn’t like it because I don’t like musicals. So that was a big part of it. The acting was fine, singing fine, special effects fine…. But I didn’t like the humor, nor where they took the “Happily Ever After.” In my mind, it wasn’t a happily ever after, and I didn’t like how they changed up the fairy tales.

But, I’m a romantic. So…to each his own.

So tell me, what’d YOU think of the movie?


Cinema Sound Off-True Grit


My good friend, KM Wilsher, and I are heading out to Harkins Theatres each month to watch a choice movie.

We’ll let you know if it’s worth you spending your hard-earned money or not.

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Now…onto the movie.



Synopsis from IMDB:

Following the murder of her father by hired hand Tom Chaney, 14-year-old farm girl Mattie Ross sets out to capture the killer. To aid her, she hires the toughest U.S. marshal she can find, a man with “true grit,” Reuben J. “Rooster” Cogburn. Mattie insists on accompanying Cogburn, whose drinking, sloth, and generally reprobate character do not augment her faith in him. Against his wishes, she joins him in his trek into the Indian Nations in search of Chaney. They are joined by Texas Ranger LaBoeuf, who wants Chaney for his own purposes. The unlikely trio find danger and surprises on the journey, and each has his or her “grit” tested.

My Review

Oh my, I’m not really sure where to start really. Slow is a word that comes to mind. Yep, VERY slow. As a writer, we’re taught to grab the reader’s attention with the very first line, paragraph, first page, first chapter.

I guess movies don’t follow that same rule.

Now, I’m not a fan of this genre, either (westerns) so the movie already had a strike against it just because it was of the cow-boy-boot-wearing-genre. But still, I figured I could watch it with an open mind.

I tried. Really, I did.

But the slow momentum and boring scenes just never grabbed my attention. The make-up was good, though. All those rotten teeth and such, probably took a long time to do. And Barry Pepper, I nearly didn’t recognize him at first. He did a nice job grossing me out with all the spit goobers and wrangled up teeth and lips.

I think the girl, Mattie, stole the show. She was awesome. Loved her. The rest of the cast…not so much.

So, I’m sorry to say, I have to give it our lowest rating:


1 ticket –Don’t go see it. Give your ticket away.


Have you seen it? What’d you think?

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Cinema Sound Off


My good friend, KM Wilsher, and I are heading out to Harkins Theatres each month to watch a choice movie.

We’ll let you know if it’s worth you spending your hard-earned money or not.

CLICK HERE for our rating system

Now…onto the movie.


Funny little story to start this off. We’d originally chosen Machete to watch and review. Less than FIVE minutes into the movie, we walked out. Couldn’t stomach it. I suffered from post traumatic flashbacks the rest of the day, too. Okay, really, I didn’t, but almost. It was that disturbing.

So, the fantastic staff at Harkins Theatres let us go into a different movie and we chose Going the Distance.

Let’s just say, we were batting zero on our movie choices that day, but at least we made it through Going the Distance.


Okay, onto the movie for REAL this time


Teaser from IMDB:

A romantic comedy centered on a guy and a gal who try to keep their love alive as they shuttle back and forth between New York and San Francisco to see one another.

My Review:

This was the second worst movie I’ve seen. I made it through the entire movie, but it’s the second worst because even after only five minutes of Machete, it wins that honor!

Okay, sorry, tangent. I’m not here to talk about Machete.

Going The Distance could have been way up on there on the best movie list had they not riddled the dialogue with more F-bombs than I could have tabulated with a freaking calculator.


Look, I totally understand the language thing–if it fits with the character. Heck, some of my characters swear in my novels. Lots of the novels I read, both published and unpublished, have swear words. But they fit the character and aren’t constant–as in every single sentence. You know? There’s a difference!

There’s no faster way to ruin a movie in my eyes than with dialogue that makes everyone look like total idiots who can’t form a semi-intellectual sentences. Oh, and then top it off with random/lewd/gross sex jokes and scenes–that just made the movie even more pathetic in my eyes.

Some of the writing was rather witty, Drew Barrymore looked fantastic, but overall, I was put off within the first thirty minutes of the movie.

I mean, come on, they had a story line that could have carried the entire movie, they didn’t need to resort to such vulgar and ridiculous stuff–But they did.

Sorry, guys…you get my lowest rating

1 ticket –Don’t go see it. Give your ticket away


Did you guys see this? What’d you think?

Now run on over to KM Wilsher’s blog and see what she thinks of it!

Cinema Sound Off

Welcome to another installment of Cinema Sound Off!


Here’s the little summary from IMBD:

In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind.

My Review:

Okay, first off, there is a lot of blood–and I mean a lot–in this movie. I’m all for a great vampire flick, any day. But jeepers, this one was really full of blood. Gross sounds, too. Yikes.

BUT, having said that, I really liked this story. Mostly the STORY, though. The acting…not so much. Felt a bit campy when it came to Wilem Dafoe’s character. And what was up with Ethan Hawke’s raspy voice? Sounded cartoonish to me.

The whole idea of a world of vampires and them running out of blood because the humans are dying out–heck yeah. Loved that storyline. And I liked Ethan’s character. The movie showed his struggles with being a vampire very well. Liked the depth there.

So, if you can stomach the gallons of red stuff spilled in this very violent movie, you might want to venture out to Blockbuster and rent it.

I’m giving it 3 tickets.

Here’s the Trailer if you want to see it in full: [youtube=]

Now run on over to KM Wilsher’s blog and see what she thinks of it!