Ebook or Print?

I remember a couple of years ago I swore up and down I’d never deviate from the printed book. I’d heard so many people getting Nooks or Kindles or whatever electronic version of e-reading devices. 

I just love the smell of a book. The texture. 

But then I tried it. 

I got a Nook a couple of years ago when I went on a trip “across the pond.” I couldn’t very well PACK ten books…. 

After that, I was hooked.

Now, I didn’t stop buying print books all together. But…my buying print books has diminished significantly.  I’ve heard it’s happening everywhere. 

Weekly I see posts on blogs or twitter such as “e-book sales soar” or “Bookstore report losses again….” 

And now…I have a Kindle!  

I actually like my Kindle better than my Nook. But can you believe it? I went from “Never” to having TWO! **shakes head**

Funny how things change, right? You know what they say about never saying never….

What’s your preference? Will you ever go to strictly e-books? Are print books a thing of the past?

Is it a book?

I caved.


I’ve finally entered the 21st century!

The NOOK from Barnes and Noble.

It looks so pretty, right? Kinda like a book.

Just a pink cover.

Now, I’m not the most technically inclined person, but even I figured this thing out in just a few minutes!


You might ask, “Why, Lynn? Don’t you just love the feel of a real book in your hands?”

Oh yeah! I fought it a long time. I love holding a print book in my hands. The feel of the pages as I turn them. Even the smell.

So what prompted me to get one?

A trip to ENGLAND.

Yep. In about a week, we’re heading out on a trip across the pond. I couldn’t very well bring, like, ten books with me. No way they’d all fit on my carry-on, you know?

So far, I’m lovin’ it.


So, do you have one? What are your thoughts on the whole e-reader thing? I’m curious.