It’s about the music…

Music plays a big part of my writing. I love listening to certain songs over and over while writing. So, when it came to getting songs gathered up for Violet Midnight, I was excited. Some of these are pretty different but really paint the picture well.

Here’s the playlist from YouTube:



I’m super excited to have a book signing tomorrow where the special music is being provided by Colton Avery. He’s a really talented singer. If you’re in this neck of the woods, be sure to stop by. Details HERE

Playlist Music

This song just jumped out at me when I heard it. Sure fits Violet Midnight, with the loud, harsh music. Strong voice and intense words. 

This phrase resonated well with Emma’s character. 

I can’t just shut it up and fake that I’m alright. 

Now, the writers of the song might have a different meaning they wanted to portray, but those words, along with the music really fit Emma. 

Her wrist glows when Vamps are near. She didn’t ask for that. Can’t snuff it out until the Vamps are vanquished. And sometimes, she’s just NOT alright with her station in life. 

Afterlife, by Switchfoot


 What are some of the songs you’re listening to these days? Do tell, I’m always looking for new music. 

Dark Side…

My characters are known for having dark sides. I mean, David was a half-demon!

So, the music on my Novel Playlists is often dark. Hard. Gritty. Sure, I try and mix in some nice songs, too, for the right moment, but I really like that edgy music.

Violet Midnight is slated to release October 15th, 2012. It’s book one of my Violet Night Trilogy. And that means I’m looking for music for my playlists.

I stumbled across this one, by Kelly Clarkson.

Dang that girl can sing!! Loved these lyrics.

Edits are humming along, and I’m super excited to introduce these characters to you. Emma Martin, the main character, is itching to take over the blog for a while since Russell and David have been getting all the attention.

It has been a while she since’s hijacked the blog, so she might make an appearance again soon. I think she’s planning some fun little events…