Bikes…remember that old banana seat?

Ok, most of you know I like to road bike. Give me bunch of water bottles strapped to my bike and warm, sunny day, and I’ll ride forever.

Well … not forever, but you know what I mean.

So, what better to do Then and Now Thursdays, right? Because, remember that bike you rode growing up?

Oh, mine was Yellow, though. And had some flowers on the big seat, I think.

No frills from the handlebars, though.

I found a picture of an older Raleigh bike. vintage-road-bike I never had one that looked like that, but you know, they’re makin’ a come back, you know?

But NOW,

Oh boy. The technology has changed. It’s all about how light the bike is, things like that.


There’s even something called a time trial bike.

Way sleek and ergonomic so you’re in the best position to get the most power.  time-trial-bike

To tell you the truth, I never liked biking until about a year or so ago.

I’d been big into inline speed-skating and was told I should “cross-train” with a road bike.

I begrudgingly did…then totally fell for it.


So, what kind of bike did you have growin’ up?