Time to retreat

I work at a church bookstore…a really big church’s bookstore, so we’re super busy. I love it. Every year they pack us all up into a few buses and ship us up north toward Williams, AZ.

I missed last year because I was taking care of my MIL, Lynn, but this year, I got to go.

Sure was interesting. Beautiful scenery and lots of free time to play, read or just relax.

And relax I did. No workouts, no work, no nothing…It was nice.

I’ve not slept in a bunk bed for years. It was pretty fun! Made me feel like a kid again.

What do you think of retreats? Do you take one every year? What helps you recharge?


If you’ve been following this blog any length of time, you know I’m addicted to pictures of sunrises and sunsets.

They’re just something about them that makes me smile. So, I was “flipping” through my photo albums (on iPhoto) and found a few to share.

View of sunset from my driveway!


Sunrise from Thunderbird Trail


Another from Thunderbird...I run this trail once per week!


Our days fill up so quickly with places to be, people to see, and things to do, I hope you find some time this weekend to slow down and witness a sunrise or sunset. If you snap a picture, post the link here and I’ll go check it out!