FRIDAY FUNNIES–Sheby Daniels Week

tgifShelby here. I’m sad this is my last post on the Light of Truth blog.

Maybe I can convince Lynn to let me do the Saturday post too?? It’s supposed to be part II of her dad’s 3,100 mile bike ride…so we’ll see.

If not, maybe I’ll be back someday to host…

But, back to Friday Funnies.

So, Lynn tells me it’s all about funny stories on Fridays. Sounds cool, I like laughing. Heck, in Light of Truth, Lynn even talks about a time where I fell off my couch while I was sleeping.

Poor Gabe. He was hangin’ out at my house in the kitchen (you’ll have to read the book to get more details….), and I guess he toally freaked when he heard the thud. He thought someone came in and snatched me away or something.

I mean, how embarrassing is that? We’d only known each other for, like,  a couple days.

But that’s not my funny story.

When I was six, and no, this isn’t in the book, I was in a wedding. The cute little ringer bearer-type. Pink dress, all the frills.

Yeah, that was before the whole, “I hate God and the world” attitude shift and black clothes after my dad died.

Anyway, back to the story.

I don’t remember it much because I was so little. Mom used to tell the story all the time, though, and had to whip out the pictures once in a while.

Evidently, I was doing the little-girl-potty-dance, so mom took me to the bathroom.

Yep, you guessed it.

My little dress was tucked in the back of my white tights as I started walking down the aisle.

Jeez, can we say, “embarrassing.” And of course, they had to get it on film.

Parents and their cameras….


So, don’t let me be the only one sharing today. Tell me a funny story…


THEN & NOW THURSDAYS–Shelby Daniels Week

Shelby here, again. Getting sick of me yet? Only a couple more days if you are. And I’m havin’ fun with this so hopefully you are too.

So, Lynn tells me that Thursdays is something called, “Then and Now Thursdays.” Ok, I’m only nineteen years old, so the Then part would put me at, like, birth, so I’ll just try and do something interesting…

I know it’s not Monday, but I have to talk about music here. I’m really into it.


cd-picture2CDs came out before I was even born, right? Like, 1982 or something. They were sleek and looked way cool. You just slid them into your portable CD carrier and you were set!

Loved it.

8tracks18-tracks, my mom told me about those. They were, like, from the 60s or something. They were clunky-lookin’, huh?
Can we say, “Archaeic?” Ok, CDs are still used a little but….
ipodIt’s I-Pod, all the way.

These first came out when I was, like, eleven or so.

This is about the only way to go these days. I remember the first song I put on my I-Pod. It was, Get the Party Started, by Pink. Yeah, my mom wasn’t so happy.

But now, it’s mostly Christian Rock. I’ve got a few songs in mind that I’d play on a soundtrack for the Light of Truth movies that’ll surely come.

Lynn laughed until she cried when I told her about movies and soundtracks for the book. She’s, like, “Hey, God’s plan, not ours. The book may never even hit the shelves. You just never know what’s up God’s sleeve.”

Typical thing she’d say.


What’d you grow up with? 8-track? CD? I-pod? Radio only?


FIRST MEETINGS–Shelby Daniels Week

Hi. Shelby here again. We’re half-way through the week that Lynn let me blog for her.

I thought about what I should post, and the only thing that came to mind was Gabe. I mean, what sweeter thing to write abolove-5ut than the love of my life, right?

Lynn said I could tell you a “little” about my sweetheart, Gabe. Oh, and I thought I’d share the first time we met. Thought that would be pretty safe and not give away too much of the story.

It’s a rather unique meeting.

But aren’t all they all this crazy?

I was walking to the bridge that I went to every night. You know, to get drunk, or high, or do something stupid, like trapeze walk the railing.

Gosh, I wasn’t too bright, was I?   **Wait, don’t answer that**

Anyway, a demon attacked me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it had been scoping me out for a little while.

I ran away from the monster, but then it tracked me down again. I thought I was going to die when it grabbed me by the neck. But suddenly a bright light flashed and all went dark for me.

Yeah, I passed out. I know, I was a wimp. Ok, wait, no I wasn’t, anyone would have passed out after seeing that hideous creature.

So, when I woke up, I saw this sweet-looking guy staring down at me.

Yeah, wavy blonde hair, dreamy eyes, sweet body…Gabe, if you’re reading this, don’t blush, it’s true. You’re a cutie. ☺

But, I was so ticked off at the world and scared at what just happened, I totally brushed him off.

Yep. Called him a surfer dude or something.

I was such a jerk to him.

Later that night, when I was pretty much toasted, wasting my time at the bridge, he appeared again. He tried to talk to me, but I was so drunk, I barely said much before I passed out. But I remember insulting him a few times, I think.

Man, if I had been him, I would have said, “This girl’s a loser, I’m outta here.”

But he didn’t.

He stuck with me, showed up a few more times and charmed me with his killer smile and dreamy eyes.

Ok, so it wasn’t quite that easy, but if I give you all the details, Lynn will have my head. You’ll have to read the book…


So, how’d you meet that special someone?


SEEING THE LIGHT–Shelby Daniels Week

heartsShelby Daniels here again. This blogging thing is way cool. I’m thinkin’ I might need to start my own.

Think anyone would want to hear about my crazy adventures saving God’s chosen people from demons out to kill them?

I mean, I get these wicked visions, right? Then Gabe, he’s my sweetheart, and I have to figure them out and save whoever’s identified in the vision.

Sure, they give me a monster headache sometimes, but it’s worth it, I guess.

I remember my first one. It scared me to death. Course, it didn’t help that I totally and completely hated God and wanted nothing to do with his so-called superpowers.


But finally I “saw the light.” Maybe that’s why Lynn calls my first book Light of Truth. I should ask her sometime. I wonder if got that title from the fact that God’s light IS truth. It IS love.

And if He can love a tattooed, foul-mouthed, druggie like me…He can love anyone, right?

It just took God clobbering me over the head with a two-by-four. Ok, not a literal two-by-four, but you know what I mean, right?

I mean, first it was superpowers – ok, yeah, that’s a little strange, not everyone gets that –Then there was this super-hot guy, Gabe. Then, my mentor, Ms. Simon (we just call her Simon, though.)

So, through the super powers thing, Gabe, and Simon, I saw the Light of Truth, that’s for sure. They showed me God’s love by not rejecting me for being such a jerk right off the bat.

You’ll have to read the book someday to find out just how crummy I was. But the fact that they still cared for me while I was such a jerk…heck, if that doesn’t show God’s love, I don’t know what does.


So, how’d you “see the light?”