#Tainted Playlist

Hey, everyone. Jessica here!

While Lynn’s recovering from surgery, her characters are taking over her blog!

And today is my day!

We all know Lynn loves her music. She’s got some cool favorites like Skillet, Red, P!nk (who I love, too, actually). So, I figured I’d share her TAINTED playlist with you.

While Durk and I were separated, I listened to a particular song, and I thought I’d drive my friend, Rain, NUTS! But it was a song that reminded me of Durk. And while he was lost all those months, I had to try and hold on to him somehow, right?

See if you can guess the song based on the playlist below. I’ll give you a hint…he made that “my” song when he first saw my eyes go white during one of my “Merus” moments…

Here’s the playlist courtesy of Youtube:


What kind of music do you like?

#Kindle Paperwhite still up for grabs


Hey, everyone. Don’t worry if you weren’t here from 7am to 7pm EST yesterday for our big release party. The posts are open until January 29th, 2013. So, there’s still time to earn your entries toward the Kindle Paperwhite.

Here are the posts from yesterday. Just click and you’re there for entries:

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7pm: Lynn & Sasha: Click HERE for Lynn’s; Click HERE for Sasha’s

Thanks again for celebrating with us! You guys ROCK!

#ReleaseParty Wrap Up…

ReleasePartyWhat a GREAT day! Thanks for celebrating it with me, Sasha, and Jean. For this final post, I want to just say thank you! Your support is so appreciated. And as a special thank you for all those who purchases ANY Lynn Rush Book through the month of January, you get a free short story. Forward your proof of purchase to Publicist (at) lynnrush.com and we’ll jet out a copy of Merus in the Making.

We first meet Jessica Hanks in Wasteland. She was a young, fifteen-year-old girl wanted by both sides—Dark and Light. She shows up in book two, Awaited, teasing the guardian, Durk. But book three is all Jessica and Durk. This short story ties up how she became this powerhouse—and it’s FREE with any purchase.

As for the Kindle Paperwhite entries, let’s have one last BIG event to earn BIG entries.

TWENTY FIVE entries up for grabs with the following task:

Spread the word about Lynn Rush books. It can be via blog post, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, whatever. You’ll earn TWENTY-FIVE entries toward the kindle for EACH avenue you use to spread the word. You must link me to each avenue you use in the comments of this post so I can record your entries.

Links that might help you spread the word:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lynn-Rush/e/B005G3NVBQ

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/lynn-rush


Remember, you can enter until Tuesday 29th 2013 to enter ANY of our posts. The grand-prize winner will be announced Thursday January 31st 2013 on all three blogs and other social media avenues. See all the guidelines here.

Thanks for celebrating with us today. And don’t forget to show up for the #RUSHED Twitter Party tonight. I have the awesome KENDALL GREY co-hosting with me! Grand prize is a e-Card to Barnes & Noble or Amazon (Winner’s Choice), but there are prizes throughout the entire hour. 8pm EST at the #RUSHED hashtag.

What’s New Adult?

Wow, only a few hours left of our release party fun. I often get asked how I got into writing, specifically how I started in with this New Adult category before it was even recognized by anyone.

You might know this about me, but I kind of stumbled into this writing career. Hadn’t planned on it, but it found me. Fate kind of has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?

Anyway, without any formal training, I just sat down and started writing. When I had an 87,000-word novel and no clue what to do next, I took the next step. Researched writing groups. Joined some critique groups and kept on writing. During that time, I was told my characters were too old for YA and too young for Adult and that I needed to change their ages if I wanted to get published some day.

I respectfully declined that offer to change my character ages. And kept writing. By novel thirteen (Wasteland) New Adult had started showing up here and there. But it was Crescent Moon Press who took the chance and opened the New Adult Line at their house. I think they were one of the first…if not the first…to officially have New Adult on one of their novels.

And then they signed SIX of mine!

So, as writing “found” me, so did writing New Adult. But I love it. Wouldn’t have it any other way. As NA Alley says so nicely, New Adult bridges the gap between Young Adult and Adult fiction.

Have any questions for me? Leave them in the comments and you’ll earn TEN entries toward the Kindle Paperwhite.

For extra entries toward the Paperwhite, you can also do the following:

1.  For TEN more entries Tweet this: Three Goddesses release party. Come earn entries toward a Kindle paperwhite! http://bit.ly/NTO3r3 #NewAdult #Tainted @LynnRush

2.  For TEN more entries post the Tainted Book Trailer to your Pinterest Boards and come put your link to the board here in the comments section of this blog post

Remember, these posts are open to entries to January 29th, 2013! Next up is SASHA at 5pm EST!