Telekinesis or Telepathy…

You all know by now that I write paranormal romance. That pretty much means that my characters often have some special abilities. Sometimes they’re happy about it…sometimes not so much. **grin**

Usually they end up coming around. 

If YOU had to choose between Telekinesis or Telepathy, which psychic ability would you want?

I’m leaning toward the telekinesis. It’d be pretty cool to move things with my mind. With telepathy, I could hear something from someone’s head that might mentally scar me for life! I mean, there are some pretty sick people out there, right? **LOL**

I think that’s why I liked PUSH so much:

Remember that movie?  I loved it. Lots of action and super powers. My kind of movie.

Or how about this one: JUMPER.

Lots of crazy super powers out there, huh?? I think Telekinesis wins out for me. How ’bout you?

Heaven’s Fire

Hey, everyone. Ashley here. I was totally honored when Lynn asked me to lead off the week of her new blog design.

But then again, I knew she was going to pick me—I mean, I do have telepathy…Heck, I even know what you’re thinking right now.

Just kidding.

I was on this blog once back when it was called Light of Truth, but now it’s all redesigned and even has a new name.

Catch the Rush…sounds fun if you ask me.

But then again, Lynn is known for her wicked-fast novel writing, long—but fast—bike rides, and if I remember correctly, she once was a competitive inline speed skater.

Guess the Catch the Rush theme is accurate, after all…

I’ve even heard rumors that a few publishing houses are looking at a couple of her projects. So maybe someday you’ll be catching one of Lynn Rush’s books on the shelves.

You just never know . . .

Yesterday I was reading the opening chapter of Heaven’s Fire. First, let me just say–it’s weird, but totally cool, reading a book about yourself!

But back to my post . . . In the opening scene, me and my sister Britt were sitting in a bar, minding our own business, when this chick stumbles in, bleeding, and two wicked-strong demons come in after her. She rams into the juke box, interrupting a Kenny Chesney song playing.

I remember that night perfectly because it was the first night I met Nicholas (but that’s for another post. . . ) Anyway, me and Britt got into a brutal fight with those demons (yes, we kicked their butts), but I never got to hear that song all the way through.

So I thought I’d throw it up here for ya since Lynn usually talks about music on Mondays. Let’s just hope no demons show up and ruin the song again.




OKAY, on to the contest reminder. Leave a comment on the post today so you’re entered in the drawing for the $25.00 gift card! If you missed the details of the contest yesterday, CLICK HERE, and read up. I’d hate for you to miss the chance to win $25.00!

I’ll add to the pot a little: Leave a comment here, THEN click on HEAVEN’S FIRE listed under MY NOVELS over on the left sidebar and leave a comment there, too. Then I’ll tell Lynn to enter your name again into the hat for the drawing.

That means TWO entries for today.

Good luck!! And thanks for stoppin’ by. Stay tuned for tomorrow when we get to hear from Trinity. First person I’ve ever met who had wings and wasn’t a wicked-mean demon.