Hey, everyone, Mandy here. Did you have fun at the Facebook party last night? Sure looked like it!

Lynn let me take over the blog the rest of this week, so of course I have to bring up Frozen, considering I can sort of relate to Elsa.

But first, you have to answer a question HONESTLY….

How many times have you watched Frozen this holiday season so far?

I’m into the double digits already!! #Don’tJudgeMe

I can totally relate to Elsa and her fear of her power. The ability to freeze someone with a thought or slight touch…very scary. So scary, I, too shunned everyone around me for years. Not literally shutting myself in a room like Elsa, but not too far off.

But when I met my BFF, Georgia…my life changed forever–for the better. They helped me find a confidence I didn’t realize I had. It took time, still, and I’m still working on it, but each day I get a little better.

Another question for you:

Who’s someone who’s impacted your life for the better?

I think it’s WAY important to give those people props, so don’t be shy. I love hearing about how people can impact each other FOR THE BETTER! For so long the Coats have been chasing me, ruining lives, so I need a regular dose of hearing about the positive side of people! 

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Have a FROSTY day, my friends. See you tomorrow.



I’m excited to announce the Touch of Frost trilogy is now available in PRINT! So excited…I made a little video!

Here’s the trailer for Frostbite if you haven’t seen it yet:

To celebrate this release, I’ve teamed up with Wendy Russo, who’s releasing JANUARY BLACK. We’re throwing a Facebook party tonight for a few hours. So CLICK HERE to join us for chances to win some super fun prizes.


There’s a giveaway at the bottom of this page, so check that out. We have three fun prizes up for grabs!

Here are links to the PRINT versions of the Touch of Frost Trilogy:

Amazon:Frostbite | Absolute Zero | Cryostorm 

Barnes and Noble:Frostbite | Absolute Zero | Cryostorm

And we can’t forget all the digital options:

Frostbite Cover

Frostbite (Book #1)

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Absolute Zero Cover FINAL

Absolute Zero Book #2

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Cyrostorm 1600x2400 

Cryostorm (Book #3):

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Thanks for stopping by to celebrate with me. Be sure to check back EACH day this week to see what my character, Mandy, has in store to celebrate the fact that her stories are out in print (she’s pretty excited!)


The Frost Is Coming…



Come join us on DECEMBER 15th. That marks the release of the PRINT versions of the Touch of Frost trilogy. It’s also releasing on all the other platforms (Nook, Kobo, iBook…)

I’m joining WENDY RUSSO as she releases her YA novel, JANUARY BLACK!

The party starts 7pm-11pm Eastern Time over on FACEBOOK!

Come over and RSVP. We’ll be having tons of authors joining us. Tons of prizes. And TONS of fun!

See you soon!