Let the edits begin. . .

Anyone following my facebook page might know this, but I jumped into some edits on my novel, Winged, this past weekend. I’ve got some wicked-awesome crit partners reading a few of my novels, and the edits are coming in.

For those of you who are reading this and aren’t writers, we have critique partners read our novels to find mistakes on all levels. Typos, grammar, content, plot and so on. It’s really important, because we’re so close to our projects, we often can’t see what’s staring at us in the face.

While working on edits for Winged, I got another set of critiques back on Caine & Lily’s story–doesn’t have a title yet, and the blurb isn’t even up yet–but oh. . . they were good.

Lot’s to fix on that one, too.

If you’re a writer and reading this, how do you handle critiques? Do you jump right in them? Read first, then take some time to absorb before diving in? **DO TELL** I love hearing how people handle them.

I love reading them, no matter how “harsh” they might be, and then letting them sink in for a day or so before I start diving in. I treasure getting feedback that’s impartial and blunt because I know that when I rewrite, the story’s going to be that much stronger!

So now I’m off to edit.

WRITE ON my friends! Woo-Hoo!


So, last week, my character, Trinity, showed up on the blog to celebrate its new design and contest.

On her post, she’d asked for some help to figure out a title for the book I wrote about her. Trinity listed out the options in her little section under “My Novels

The little summary is:

A winged, amnesia-stricken girl finds refuge in a struggling artist’s arms. When the enemies from her realm find her on Earth, she must choose to return home with them to spare her new love’s life, or stay and fight. Either choice could keep them apart forever.


The choices of title were:







Title are hard to decide on, especially when I know publishers usually change them. I mean, they know what they’re doing when it comes to titles, so I’m okay with it. But in the mean time, I like to have some sort of title.

So. . . . .

We’ve decided to call her story WINGED.

Trinity told me to tell you all Thank you. First for the help with the title, and because she had a blast on the blog last week with you guys. I might have to bring her back to say hello soon.  🙂

I’m a huge fan of one or two-word titles. . .how ’bout you guys?

Oh, and PS, Trinity, Jayden DID see that comment you left on your post about him. . .

Catch the Rush . . .


It’s been an awesome week having my characters host the blog.

Thanks, Ashley, Trinity, Dakota, Rachel, and David for hanging with us!

And now, I get to have fun giving away a sweet prize–A $25.00 gift card to one of my favorite places—Barnes and Noble.

So . . .

Let’s get on with it, right?

The winner is  . . . LBDiamond.



LBDiamond, drop me an email with your mailing address and I’ll send your prize (lynnrush@cox.net)


Thanks, everyone. Have a great weekend.

Stay tuned to Catch the Rush for more contests/drawings in the near future!!


HI. Trinity here.  I was a little nervous when Lynn asked if I wanted to be on the blog this week. We don’t have computers where I’m from–er–at least I don’t think so. I don’t remember anything quite yet. Just kinda landed in the middle of a busy street late one night . . .

Strange, I know.

But Jayden, the guy who found me roaming the streets, has been super sweet to me. He’s actually helping me do this post.

He wouldn’t help me think of something to talk about, though. And since my memory is pretty much a blank slate, I’ll talk about the one thing I do know, and kinda like.


You see the pictures in this post? He pulled them from somewhere on the internet called Photobucket, but he draws, too.

When I first came to him, he hadn’t drawn in nearly a year. I’d tell you why but I can’t.  Lynn said that’d give too much of my story away.

Regardless, Jayden hadn’t drawn in over a year. But the day after he found me, I slept nearly fourteen hours straight (tiring traveling between realms I guess), and when I woke, his studio was filled with fantastic drawings of me.

It only got better when my wings emerged (that was a little shocker…and they came out at a really inconvenient time, too!) We spent hours lounging around, me posing while he drew.

He calls me his angel. I highly doubt I’m an angel, but for him to call me that feels nice.


I understand there’s a contest this week, and I want to help you get more entries. So, here’s the deal.

My story is so new, Lynn hasn’t even thought of a title for it yet. So I want to help her figure out one that’d be good for my story. Will you help?

Go over to my little spot there under “My Novels” (you can CLICK HERE if that’s easier.) Read the little hook and summary, then leave a comment telling me which title you like best from the choices listed there.

By leaving a comment here AND there,  you’ll get TWO entries into the drawing!


Thanks for reading my little post here. And thanks to sweet Jayden for helping me with this since I don’t know how to use computers very well. I’ll be back to read your comments throughout the day. Can’t wait to get to know you better!!