I’ve got a racing mascot

Thanks to a friend and all her creativity, I have a new racing mascot.

Check it out:

Isn’t that the sweetest thing EVER?

Anyone who knows me, or watches my social media, knows I love stuffed animals. They just make me smile.

Well, I have a 20-miler race tomorrow: The 4 Peaks Challenge, and I know this little cutie will be with me at the start…maybe not during the run, but before and after!!

So, if you see me out there, be sure to say HI!

And don’t forget, you can come along side me as my racing adventures continue toward the Boston Marathon. CLICK HERE for more info!


Rim to Rim Adventure with my #TrailSisters

WOW. Yeah, I’m an author and I can’t think of a better word to describe my adventure yesterday. Starting at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, then jogging/hiking to the South Rim. 25 miles.  10 hours total time. 7 hrs 45 minutes of jogging/hiking time. A challenge not made for the weary, that’s for sure. About 15 miles down, which is so hard on the legs, then about 9-ish miles back up, out of the Canyon. That’s where the challenge really starts as far as I’m concerned.

Even after thirty minutes of rest and refueling at the bottom (Phantom Ranch), it’s still very tough to dig in and ask your legs to climb out nine miles after having beaten them up going down for 15. LOL!!

It was so hard, yet so beautiful and rewarding. Blessed to have done it with these two amazing women.

Hope you enjoy my little video:

True Partners-Dam Good Run Race Recap

So thankful for this guy.

This  past Sunday’s 24k race was a beauty. HOT and difficult, but at the end, I ran right into the lake. My sweet hubby (and Coach) joined me. This picture, taken by Trailsister, Courtney Bullock, tells it all.

He’s my rock. There for me through it all.

We didn’t start this race, The Dam Good Run (since it went over the Lake Pleasant Dam) until 7:30am. That’s pretty late in the running world, especially in the desert.

I made sure I hydrated pretty well the previous days, knowing it was going to be a hot 16 miles. And things were rolling pretty well until that second aid station. I forget the mileage until that one, but I was pretty hot by then.

Ice cubes in my neck bandanna was the cure for that, though. I packed it tight against my skin, with some more around my wrist and I was set.

It was great seeing Travis Swaim and Nathan Revello, to fellow trail runners, at that turn around aid station. They weren’t scheduled to be there, I was just lucky. They were great encouragers, and that helped, because I had about five more miles to go.

And they were gonna hurt.

But that’s okay, I knew there was a lake waiting for me to jump into, so I turned on a little music (Skillet, Red, and some other pump me ups) and hammered it best I could. Had to walk a few times, but overall, made it without too much trouble.

The last third of a mile, my sweet hubby ran me in. WHEW, that sure helped! I was BEAT!

Here’s a pic of me coming in at the end of the race. Thanks to Bruce Baker for this fun picture. The lake was in my sights and I was ready to jump in!

Thanks to Aravaipa Running for a great race, Nathan Sports for the amazing water pack, Tortoise and Hare Sports for all my training equipment, Tailwind Nutrition for the amazing endurance fuel, and last but not least, Cadence Performance Coaching, for getting me in shape for these tough trails.

Happy running my friends!


#TBT 50-miler

Boy do I have a Throw Back.

December, 2016. 52 miles running.

11 hours 54 minutes.

I was reminded of this because last weekend I went on a hike at Lost Dog (picture on your right). And I saw the top of Thompson’s Peak…the one I climbed during this 50-miler. Yeah, it’s that massive mountain with the towers on it behind me in this top pictures.

It’s the one I have nightmares of…  😉 I’m kidding (mostly). They’re fond nightmares…er…memories.

After 32 miles of running, I faced off with that massive mountain, and I made it. It was an amazing experience, and I’m a different person after having done that.

So, here’s a throwback picture of that exciting time. And maybe a little video.