Cover Reveal: Violet Night Trilogy

VNT 2DAfter three months of silence, the black tattoo on Emma’s wrist glows with a vengeance once again, and that can only mean one thing…the vampires are back. But when she meets the mysterious Jake Cunningham, who has a few powers of his own, she may not be alone in the fight.

In the midst of battle, Jake and Emma find love, but as their adventures continue, that love—and their souls—will be tested beyond imaginable limits.

For this intrepid pair, staying together may be harder than staying alive.

*Bonus Material: Witness the moment Emma woke up in the hospital with her emblematic purple eyes and glowing tattoo in the never before published novella, A Hunter Revealed.

Three full-length novels: Violet Midnight, Violet Dawn, and Violet Storm

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Thank you to Sizzling PR for the beautiful cover. I just love it! I hope you enjoy Jake and Emma’s adventures!



Book News and #TFOB2015

As of March 31st, 2015, the first publisher who ever took a chance with me and my crazy characters, Crescent Moon Press, is shutting down.

That means, the Violet Night Trilogy and the Wasteland Trilogy will be out of print and the e-book pulled from all sites.

I have a small supply of these books left and will be bringing them down to the Tucson Festival of Books on Saturday March 14th. If you’re around, you can get your copy and I’ll sign it for ya!

We’re at Booth #106, THE DREAMS CONVENTION. I’ll have copies of the Touch of Frost trilogy, Bound by Hades trilogy, and what’s left of the soon to be out of print Violet Dawn/Wasteland trilogies.

Hope to see you there.





BLACK FRIDAY FUN #Giveaway #Sale


It’s BLACK FRIDAY!  How many of you are out braving the stores?? I am so NOT a Black Friday shopper at all. I’ll stick to online stuff for the most part. 

But guess what? My publisher, Crescent Moon Press has put all of their books on a Black Friday Sale. #99cents each!

If you like the Buffy the Vampire-style stories, check out the VIOLET NIGHT TRILOGY! Or maybe you’re into demons and angels–including demon heroes, then you’ll want to check out the WASTELAND TRILOGY!

Just click the links below and you can own SEVEN of my books for under TEN DOLLARS. ((read all the way down for the giveaway))


Wasteland (Wasteland #1) | Awaited (Wasteland #2) | Tainted (Wasteland #3) | Prelude to Darkness (Wasteland #.5)


Violet Midnight (Violet Night #1) | Violet Dawn (Violet Night #2) | Violet Storm (Violet Night #3)


CLICK HERE to enter the GIVEAWAY. A bunch of the CMP authors joined together for some sweet giveaways!

CLICK HERE to see 40+ Crescent Moon Press titles that are only #99cents each! Fill up your e-reader or stock up on some GIFTS to give for Christmas!

Happy Reading, my friends!




Dracula Facing threats to his kingdom and his family, Vlad Tepes makes a deal with dangerous supernatural forces – whilst trying to avoid succumbing to the darkness himself.

I was so excited to see this and I worried I was getting my hopes up way too high.

I didn’t.

It met them–no problem.

I often measure how much I like a movie by whether I think I’ll buy it when it comes out on DVD/iTunes. Well, this one…I’m probably going to find a reason to go back to the theatre to watch it again.

No joke.

I see quite a few bad reviews, and like everything that is subjective out there, that’s pretty normal. I didn’t know the history of Vlad or the Turk wars or anything like that, so maybe that plays a part in why I love it so much.

Dracula Untold BatsWhat I do know…I loved the struggle Vlad went through. The character who played him did so well. I felt the pain and fear. AND the bravery to look at something so dark to try and save what he believes in.

And his upbringing…the demons he struggled with and overcame. I just love it. And speaking of love, because yes, I’m a romance author, I loved the love story.

It wasn’t so in your face that I had to cover my eyes. It was tender and I caught myself sighing a few times it was so heartfelt and sweet.

I sure hope there’s a second movie….

So yeah, I gave this a 9/10 in IMDB for sure.

What’d you guys think?