Violet Midnight — in a book club

VM 200x300Come interact with the discussion about Violet Midnight. It’s the book of the month at Book Whore Book Club.

They’re starting with the first few chapters today!

And if you haven’t checked out Dani’s awesome blog, you’ve got to. Be sure to subscribe, because she posts amazing reviews. You’ll find tons of great authors to start reading.

Looking forward to hanging out with you guys and chatting up all things Vamp and Vamp Hunter!



It’s a Violet Storm…

Hey, everyone. Emma here.

I know, you’re like, “We’ve heard from her enough…Lynn’s got to have some other characters to take over the blog!”

Hang with me, you’ll hear from some new characters in the coming days, but I wanted to throw this out to you so you had some time to enter….

Yep, it’s a little giveaway. I know Lynn has this big Valentine’s Party starting next week, but this will at least tide you over ’til then!

Violet Midnight (Violet Night #1) is already out. CLICK HERE to check that one out.

Violet Dawn (Violet Night #2) is set to release April 1st. And so far, we have nearly 60 blogs signed up to help with a release blog party (KINDLE is the prize, so CLICK HERE if you want to become a host of that party).

Violet Storm (Violet Night #3) is in second round editing. Hopefully we’ll have a summer release…but we’ll see.

It’s a busy time, and while Lynn’s laid up, recovering from surgery, she’ll have plenty of time to get those edits done, once she’s off the pain meds. That’d make for some FUNKY edits, I think! For a human, Lynn’s pretty tough, but as much as I thought I’d NEVER say this…I’m glad I’m NOT human so I don’t have to deal with illnesses and disease.

I’ll take facing a Vamp bite any day!

Onto the giveaway:

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Vamp Myth #4

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Vamp Myth #4

Vamps only attack girls


I know it might seem that way, but you’ve got to remember, there are chick Vamps, too. And Vamps, whether male or female, are stronger than humans, period. So, they’re going to take who they want, when they want.

Unless I’m around!

Another thing to remember: Depending on how hungry they are, they may **clears throat** play with their food a little. Never forget…These things are primal. Have basic needs….**shivers**


Come back tomorrow for a little surprise giveaway…

Vamp Myth #2

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Vamp Myth #2

A human bitten by a Vamp becomes a Vamp


Welcome to day two of Vamp Myths. This one is a common misconception. We see it in the movies all the time, but trust me, it’s not true. I’d know, I’ve been fighting these jerks for a long time now. I’ve been bitten more times than I can count, and I’m still me. You might be thinking, “Yeah, Emma, but you’re not human!”


But remember, I’ve rescued TONS of people who’ve been bitten and they’ve not turned. And they were human. 🙂

So how are Vamps created? That’s an interesting question. All I can say is…they’re chosen. You’ll have to check out more on that in the book, okay? But rest assured, if you manage to escape an encounter with a Vamp and were bitten, you won’t turn.

But be sure to give me a shout because I’ll come kick its butt, okay?


Stay tuned for Myth #3 tomorrow!